Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Interview Complete

Before we get to the details of my interview... I have to tell you about my wonderful husband. You know, sometimes marriage is challenging - but then there are also days when you realize that you've won the marriage lottery! I was getting ready for my interview this morning, and John called to tell me to check my email... it's then that I realized how amazing he truly is.

He'd sent this email to our close family & friends:

As most of you know, Kim has her district interview with Cy-Fair ISD today. In addition, she will be spending Thursday and Friday observing 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade classes at an elementary school in Cy-Fair ISD. We all know the power of prayer works, and that is why I am asking all of our friends and family to join me in praying for Kim (especially around 1PM today). If you are unsure what to say, this is a short version of what I have been praying for the last several days:

"Dear God, thank you for this day and for allowing us to start anew. Please bring a calmness and peace to Kim as she goes into the interview process later today. Give her favor with the interviewer and allow them to see all of the good qualities that would make Kim and excellent teacher. Give Kim the strength and the knowledge to answer each question, without hesitation, in a manner that would be pleasing to You. I thank you for all that You have done, helping to get us to this point and I thank you in advance for the blessings that You will shower down upon us. Amen."

I know that it will mean a lot to Kim to know that each one of you is praying for her and rooting for her as she goes through this today.

God Bless!

He then sent me a long list of responses from those family & friends:

From our Pastor: I have prayed for you today and am certain that God will open His doors for you. I know God will bless you with the words to speak and the answers necessary for His will to be done. I look forward to hearing about the positive results and seeing what God has in store for you! You guys are great and I know I speak for those who have gotten to know you—we are glad you are a part of our church! God bless you and keep me posted.

From one of John's cousins: You got it! Prayer works

From a friend: Thanks John for sharing this important day with me. Know I'll be praying and can't wait to hear "all about it".

From another friend: John, that is the sweetest request. You're a great example of a Godly loving husband. I will be in prayer for Kim this afternoon and look forward to hearing about offers soon. Keep shining!

From our Pastor's wife: Thanks for including me in this, John. I will be praying for her in the next few days and know that the Lord has great things in store for her!

From my sister, Cathi: Thanks for the heads up. I will be sending all my best thoughts and prayers to Kim today. Hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you soon.

From a friend: Will be praying...

From my Dad: I will do John. She and you are in my prayers every day. Thanks for your faith.

From a friend: I am praying for you today at 1:00! Let me know how it goes! You will do GREAT!

From my sister, Cindy: I am praying! She will do great and have the favor of God! Let us know how it goes!

From a friend: Will do! Keep us posted :)

From our old Pastor: I prayed for Kim to be blessed! Let me know how it goes.

I am so overwhelmed at the love, and prayers... not to mention that sometimes my husband's love takes my breath away.

The interview went pretty well, it was just a screening interview - so they don't actually do any of the hiring from that office. They forward your information on to all the principals. There are 49 schools within this district - so I feel sure that I'll do fine... but I can't wait for the next phone call!!

I felt like my answers to her questions were pretty good - but you all know how that goes - you just talk and hope that you're saying things that are relatively similar to what they want to hear. She asked me things like: "What do you envision your relationship with your students to look like?" "What skills do you bring that others might not?" "How will you teach children with different learning styles?" " What kind of people do you want to work with?" "What are your top three grade level choices to work with?"

I feel like I did really well at answering those, and I don't think that there is any one right way to answer them. When talking about the relationship with the kids - she asked "If a student yells at you... would you yell back?" My answer was "No, I feel like as the adult - it is my job to teach the child in that moment. My responsibility is to get the child out of the moment, and to react to the situation calmly."

Tomorrow I go to the school at 8:30 and have a full day in store for me... I don't know exactly what my schedule will be, but I'm sure that it will be interesting. I'll meet with the principal at some point during the day, and hopefully she can pull up my score from the interview today - and possibly give me an idea of how my application ranks in with all the others. I know that the purpose of the interview today was to give me a score, and if it is to low - they won't even look at my application any further... having said that though - the lady was pretty positive with me, and told me all about how the next step of the process works... so I feel really good about it.

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and well wishes. As I'm writing this - my heart is so full of love for everyone, and I feel truly blessed to have you all in my life.


  1. First off, your husband is amazing! What a sweetheart!

    Your interview sounds like it went well, and hopefully you will know more about that tomorrow. I know how badly you want this and I'm going to continue to pray that God leads you to where he wants you to be.

  2. Wow...that is super encouraging!

    Keep us updated. *smiles*

    I'm so so so so glad you got the interview
    and either way you are in God's divine will.

  3. Yay I can leave comments again! :) Hopefully you don't get much spam.. if you do, just put the thing back on and I'll try to remember to comment from home!

    I'm glad that your interview went well.. The power of prayer is amazing, and I'm sure you will get the call soon! :)


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