Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reward for John

Well, since I was so overwhelmed by his sweetness today... I slipped back into an old habit. I cooked him a special dinner. I made him bacon wrapped scallops, chicken fried steak, mac & cheese, and sweet peas. Then I also made him some brownies... not the worlds greatest choices for me, but I managed to eat a little of the chicken fried steak, mac & cheese and peas... and I was completely satisfied.

He's now out with a friend at our friend's new church... our friend Robby is a worship pastor at a church north of town, and they are at worship practice. Robby was the worship leader at our old church, which John was a part of... so they share a love of music.

John was asked to lead worship today by our new church while our regular worship leader is out one weekend in April... which means that John will be singing again. Actually he'll be singing again starting this week, and I'm really happy for him. Being involved in worship at church has been such a blessing for him, and I'm thrilled that God has provided him the opportunity.

I'll leave you for today with a picture of me on my way out to my interview. This is one of the outfits I bought last weekend.


  1. Love that green on you. And man I wish I was invited for dinner. Yumm.

  2. With a heart as great as yours, you were meant to be with children. God will grant that to you. By the way, you look great. Wonderful to have the husband you have.

  3. I know that outfit!! Last time I went shopping, my husband Lee was playing dress up with me and he picked that jacket and the red top. (sadly, I'm too short and it looked weird). It looks AWESOME on you!!

  4. oooh, love the jacket...and the shiny green. SNAZZ!


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