Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Pictures

Today was very quiet and relaxing - we did a few things around the house, but nothing really strenuous. John hung our new picture in the dining room, and it looks phenominal!!

Here is a picture of the whole wall, which shows how we painted below the chair rail. The color is a dusty maroon, which is also in the picture.

Here is a more detailed view of our new artwork.

Remy is still enjoying her vacation... she looks right at home now, doesn't she?

John and his weekend sidekick... they've really enjoyed each other's company.

They both nodded off for a little while this afternoon, and rested.

That's about all for the day - other than the usual Sunday activities - laundry and the like... I'm really glad that I'm only working two days this week... I'll probably stay up a little later this evening because I don't have to worry to much about storing up energy to make it through 5 days of craziness. I'm planning on getting up in the morning and starting back at my workout routine - so I hope that I don't run into any problems with that.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Easter - our church service was really nice. It sure was packed today too - it's always nice to see new faces. I know that a lot of them won't be back next week, but I do hope that we got a few of them to come back and check us out again. Next week - they're doing a lunch after church where the visitors to the church will have their lunch paid for by the church at a local mexican restaurant. It seems like a neat idea, and we're always up for an excuse to go eat mexican food with friends!

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