Thursday, March 20, 2008

Prayers for Jil

Today one of the lovely ladies, Jil, in my hospital support group is having her surgery. So I'd like to share a prayer that I've said for her this morning:

Lord, right now I pray you touch our sister Jil, Lord please wrap her in your arms and give her the peace and comfort that only You can. I pray that you will be with her today, and be with the doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. Lord please just guide their hands so that everything goes smoothly. Also be with her throughout her recovery process, as you know, sometimes leaning on you is our only way to get through the rough times. Lord, we thank you for Jil and thank you for working in her life.

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  1. Prayer for Jil! I hope she did well and I'll be checking out her blog to find out!


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