Monday, March 3, 2008

Super Star

You know you thought of this movie when you saw the title of today's post... even though I never saw the actual movie... I did laugh when Molly Shannon played this character on Saturday Night Live. (Back when I watched it... and it was good)

Updates for today:

* 64 ounces of water - check! (only 16 more to go, and I'll definently get them in!)
* 5:30 AM workout - check!

I actually did it - this is the first time in my LIFE that I've ever taken the alotted break from my workout schedule and picked back up to continue on... something has started to change for the better in me... I wonder what alien has posessed me for this to happen? Well - I'm sure glad it is here, because it's really making a HUGE difference!

It always seems to me like the weekends wizz by so quickly... and I'm once again back at work... am I the only one that wakes up on Mondays and wishes for a redo of the weekend?! I desperately wanted a redo this morning - but I instead forced myself out of bed and onto my stationary bike for my 30 minute ride to nowhere... I'm not complaining about not going anywhere - I really don't mind it at all - it gives me 30 minutes of quiet time to read and get my mind going for the rest of my day.

For today - I have no complaints... I'm on an exercise/water high...