Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today I did something special to celebrate my extra weight loss... I went shopping!! Nothing crazy, but after church John and I headed over to the store - and I got some new PJ's for my church retreat at the end of the month, and a new sweater for work/casual semi-dress up, and a new bra. The bra was really the only necesity on the list, but I decided to treat myself because I was so happy to see the scale moving again.

This week, I'm going to continue with the workouts every morning - the guy at the hospital was so right about doing it before you do anything else... it helps your metabolism throughout the day, AND you've crossed it off the "to do" list first thing!! It really is helpful for me because by the time I get home at night... I'm so drained that the last thing I want to do is workout... at this point - I just want to sit down and unwind from work.

I'm also trying one more experiment this week - I seem to have figured out a secret in the water intake game. I noticed something this past week, I've been taking a glass of water with me in the car on the way to work... a glass of ice with water in it... then on the way home from work - I'd bring another glass with me from the office. I would drink the water in the afternoon a lot faster than the morning glass... and then I realized that the water in the afternoon didn't have any ice in it. So I was able to drink 16 oz in about 30 minutes while making it halfway home. So I'm going to try it in the morning this week without ice, and see if I can punch up my water intake to the daily total of 64 oz. I was beginning to think that I didn't need that much water on a daily basis - my doctor has given me all the signs of dehydration to watch for, and I haven't had any of those signs yet - so I was thinking that maybe there were different intake needs for different people... but I guess that the more I can force in - the better off I'll be. There is a lady in my support group that drinks a gallon of water a day!! My gosh! I've been getting 32 oz on a good day lately, but I'm really going to try my best to push that this week - because I know that with the workouts and the water... it's going to be a winning combination!

Anyone want to email me around 10AM and 2PM to check and see if I've been drinking?! HA! (reminders are helpful though!)


  1. Ya know, even now, pre-op, my first 32 ounces of water is so freaking easy. But when I fill my bottle the second time, I slow right down and have no idea of why.

    Yay for the new clothes! I can't wait to shop in a smaller size!

  2. Wahoo! I bring a nalgene bottle with me EVERYWHERE I go. It's about fourteen-sixteen oz, so four of those makes my day!

    You are right...a good day equals 32 oz. That's my average. I'm trying to push it. The more I drink, the more I crave water. Hey, check out those little propel, or cyrstal light packages to put them in your water and you are golden! so yummy!

  3. Yay for new clothes! And new bras... that's probably my favorite!

    Good job figuring out the ice equation with your water. I sometimes wonder if I need 64 ounces either, but hey... it can't hurt!

  4. dude, guess what...I'm going shopping...IN MY CLOSET!
    *does a happy dance*


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