Sunday, March 2, 2008


What a difference a few workouts make... I lost 6 pounds this week!! Who knew working out was so good for you?! HA! Sort of makes me want to spend all day on my stationary bike... but that's a small sign of my obsessive compulsive nature and impatience coming out.

Just for reference - I only lost 10 pounds in February... so this is definently helpful!!

I'm off to get ready for church now, but wanted to share my excitement with my readers.

Have a great day!! (I'll be back to post again later)


  1. AWESOME!!!! Working out really is the best way. I am so proud of you.

  2. GAAAAH. I totally give up on making any sense out of my weight! I've been working out too... and nothing. That's okay, I'll just keep pressing on.

    But congrats to you!!! 6 pounds in a week is phenomenal!

  3. Awesome, Kim!! So glad the plateau is over for you! Onward and downward!

  4. Wow! Hurrah, Kim! 6 pounds rules!

    I'm on a little 2 week stall here and not so much loving it. I'm going to pump up my exercise by trying to walk a mile 3 x's a week.

    Hopefully it will kick start me up losing too!


  5. That is so amazing !! SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU ! I am in a funk with all this Michael drama. I think I need to get myself back to the gym and that will boost up my energy and help me get out of the current funk I am in. You are inspiring for sure !!!


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