Friday, April 4, 2008

0-15 In 1 Afternoon

I know that title probably has you all trying to figure it out... basically - it's a joke about the fact that John and I don't have kids of our own, but we've got one of his cousin's kiddos for the weekend. He's 15, which could be scary for those of us without kids... but this one really is a good kid! John is going to help him out with some Algebra this weekend, and I feel sure that they'll play some Xbox too...

His name is Justin, and I'm so impressed with him... he's really pretty quiet, and I tend to forget that he's entering those teenage years... but he weathered my commute with me today (1 1/2 hours in the rain) and told me all about the new high school that he's going to be moving to next year. It's Justin's family that is building a house out here by us, and it sounds like the kids are really excited about the new opportunities. I even heard some interesting things about the food at the schools out here - it sounds like a whole different world than what I had growing up... but I'm sure I'll hear more about it when they get started.

I hope that John can help him get a good grasp on the Algebra... it's so important for him throughout the rest of his high school and college career... Lord knows - if I would have actually learned it - I wouldn't have struggled so much with my math courses.

Isn't it funny how your whole perspective changes on education and youth when you have to go out on your own and make a living... if only we aged backwards... I could have SO much more fun with my youth!

I don't know what's in store for this weekend - I might spend the day with the boys tomorrow and get in a little reading and scrapbooking... or who knows what the world might throw my way... I'll be sure to write about it though - so it won't be a mystery for long!

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  1. I hated math with a passion and barely passed algebra. I probably would have graduated from college had it not been for math. I started the required algebra course and decided I was not putting myself through that again.

    Justin sounds like a great kid! I love teenagers!


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