Saturday, April 5, 2008

Curious Changes

Ok, so this picture just made me laugh... and I always love seeing images in posts. Couple those things with the fact that I adore animals... and funny pictures of them... and as often as the pictures are appropriate - I'm going to stick them in.

I was sitting in my office yesterday, and noticed something that I've never seen before... I guess I've always had really chubby arms and hands... but I can now see blue veins going everywhere! I have to say that I'm not really sure that it's attractive, but I guess it is one step closer to normal.

The collar bone is still coming out more and more all the time... along with my hip bones, and ... (Dad - stop reading if you can't handle it...) my bones in my rear. I swear... I still have over 100 pounds to lose, but I have no butt... so when I sit in chairs that don't have any padding... it's like bone on wood or bone on plastic... and it's kind of uncomfortable... not sure how that's going to work in the future!

That's probably to much information, but I know my WLS sisters out there can relate!


  1. too funny! love it!!!

  2. Awesome! I'm not sure of how the boney butt thing is going to work either as I'm used to lots of padding back there!

  3. hee hee...

    yes, I'm losing fat everywhere too, and discovering the loveliness of my the collarbone, the veins, skinnier fingers, and of course, the rest. *wink wink*

  4. I know what you mean!! My blue veins have ALWAYS been way too visible, but the butt thing... YES!! My butt is ALWAYS uncomfortable, no matter what kind of chair I'm in. I'm constantly moving to try to get comfy!


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