Sunday, April 6, 2008


I saw this picture and thought it was appropriate... and pretty funny too. Anyway, another fabulous day in paradise... all except for the car situation. About 6 months ago, something weird happened with my Expedition's engine... it started miss-firing, and while it's an 8 cylinder it was only using 7. This made my truck really shaky.

Well, this morning on the way to church it started doing it again... really badly this time. We had to run a couple of lights to get it to church, and when we pulled in the parking lot - it was smoking... nice... I felt like such a loser!

We had a great time in church, we started a new series about marriage today. The message was about two people becoming one, and realizing that everything is not about "You" - that when you live to serve you do things with happiness in your heart... even when the gesture isn't recipricated... or goes unappreciated... no matter what - you serve the other person (in any relationship). Kevin even used a really good analogy, and gave us all a visual to use for the next few weeks while we're going through this series. He took two different colors of play-doh and mushed them together... not just side by side... but where the colors are mixed and become 1 ball of play-doh... that can't be separated back into the original colors. So we were all given a little deal of play-doh to bring home, and those of us that are married are to mix our colors. He's going to use it for reference during our next few sermons.

Then we headed back out to the gheto-mobile, and had a lovely couple from church follow us home... seriously though - we had to literally turn off the car at every light because it would start smoking... so I guess my sick little truck is headed back to the shop. I guess they'll come get it with the flat-bed trailer tomorrow, just like the last time.

I only hope that they truly get it fixed this time!! Until then - I'm a cowgirl driving to work in John's truck... man - I hate driving that thing! It seems like it's a mile wider than mine... but I'll get through it.

Tomorrow is my first meeting with my mentor - and I'm thrilled to get started working with her. We'll be meeting at Starbucks tomorrow - so I might have to check into one of those sugar free coffees that Lacy has been talking about... I've avoided getting anything from there since my surgery - but we'll see - maybe I'll just get an iced tea or some water, and stick it out a little longer. I think that might be a better option because if I start back into getting those - that's drinking calories again, and I'm still trying to avoid doing anything that would make my weight loss any slower - since it's SLOW enough!


  1. Your church sounds so lovely. Tgh ghetto-mobile cracked me up!

    Our call committee interviewed a very promising pastor for us today, so please keep Christ Lutheran in your prayers! I can't blog it because it is all supposed to be top secret!

  2. Something wider than an Expedition? My mind cannot fathom! : )

    Car troubles are the WORST! I hope it gets fixed once and for all!


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