Thursday, April 17, 2008

Checking In

I feel like I've been ignoring the whole weight loss surgery part of my life lately... or at least in the blog world. Sometimes I forget that it happened, but others it is right there in my face. Again, the weight isn't coming off like I would have thought or hoped it would... but it is coming off and that's the important part.

The hair loss is incredible... I wouldn't say that anyone other than John and I can tell... and that's because it's all over the place. I do mean ALL over the place. Right now, I'm shedding more both the dogs combined!

Food demons are all over the place... I've made the mistake of falling into an old trap two mornings this week, and I have really paid for them. Tuesday and Wednesday, I started off the day with sugar... and it left me feeling like what I can only imagine a drug high would feel like. I guess in its own way, it was dumping syndrome... but not like what I was told it might be like. I don't know if my body is still reeling from the trauma or if I'm just having some serious allergy issues coming on... but even today - I've been really headache prone, and just generally not feeling good. I've been battling a stuffy nose for a while - so this is probably all playing in together... but I hope that it is better in the morning.

I do have to find a way to be charming tomorrow night at the crawfish boil, and that doesn't exactly fall in line with an allergy attack. ARG!


  1. I know what you mean about forgetting about WLS... I'm only 3 months out and it's already off my mind most the time. It's like a memory... "oh yeah! I did have that surgery!" It's not a part of my identity and I'm not constantly thinking about it either.

    And, like you mentioned, the weight loss is S L O W. :(

  2. Testify, girlfriends. I'm in that mode too. I realize three months is NOTHING in light of a lifetime, but I've already replaced the focus with other things.

    I know Meghan, I is kind of like an afterthought. I appreciate that though, to some extent. I don't want it to define me.

    However, and I hear you girls, it gets slower farther out. I've only lost about ten pounds in a month. THAT is killing me.

  3. I'm going to heed this post as a warning to self! Stay away from the sugar!

    I have been enjoying the fat free, sugar free pudding though on my week of "liquids", so unfortunately, surgery did not kill my sweet tooth!


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