Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday, and as far as those go... I lucked out in a big way!! Betty is the most amazing woman, she's so many things to so many people. She's a great mother, grandmother, friend, sister, wife and daughter. (As far as I'm concerned) She is strong, loving, kind, spiritual, funny... and just a joy to have as an addition to my life on daily basis.

She isn't the "in your face" type of mother, but is very supportive... she will let you know her opinion on things, but at the same time lets you make up your own mind too. The stories I've heard about her are so funny... she's an amazing person to shop with too. She will get a bargain where the stores don't even know there is one to offer.

One time John's sister, Susan, and I went with her to the mall. She needed some makeup, and it was one of those times when they were giving a free gift with purchase. Typically you have to spend a certain amount (say $20) to get the gift... well, this day, she needed $40 worth of products. So she asked the lady at the counter for two free gifts since she'd earned it... well I think the sales lady was so shocked because she had a hilarious look on her face, but Mom ended up walking away with both gifts. Susan and I at the time were thoroughly embarrassed... but that's just the way Mom is.

John tells a story of a similar nature where as a child - there was a gas station they'd pass occasionally on the way to visit his grandmother. This gas station would give a free car wash if you bought a certain amount of gas. Well, the day that they made it over there on this trip - the car wash was out of order. So they went on about their trip to visit Memaw... well the next time they went to go visit (about a month or so later... maybe longer) she stopped by that gas station. She didn't need gas, but she went in and told the clerk the story of her last visit. She explained that she hadn't gotten her free car wash, and asked if she could get it that day... John said the guy just looked at her, and shook his head... then said "sure, lady." Hysterical!!

They have great stories about growing up with Betty, and I love everyone of them. I've watched her over the last 5 1/2 years with our neice... and she is one of the most amazingly generous, loving, and accomodating grandmothers I've ever seen. She would move heaven and earth for Taylor and now Brooklyn too... and they love her dearly. It's a very sweet thing to watch.

Today, I wanted to share my mother-in-law with all of you, and celebrate her birthday.

Here are a couple of pictures of her...

Here she is Christmas morning - enjoying some family chatting and some coffee.

This is a picture from our birthday celebration last year, and Taylor is helping with the candles.

Here she is taking care of Miss Brooklyn, around Thanksgiving last year.

Happy Birthday, Mom! We love you!


  1. Aww, it's so sweet that you actually LIKE your mother-in-law. What a rare blessing that is.

    Mine? Is a crackhead. Literally. We stay as faaaaaar away as possible.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a mom. You are so blessed to have married someone who has a mom like her!
    Happy Birthday John's mom.
    Mama Jean


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