Monday, April 21, 2008


Okay, so let me start off with a moment that NONE of you are going to believe... because I didn't believe it either. Last week my boss asked us to make a list of all the projects (donor names) we're in the process of working on for our staff meeting this morning. Well, being that I'm the target of choice right now - I took her at her word and did it. Come to find out this afternoon - I'm the ONLY one on my team that did it. So in front of the other two ladies on my team - she goes, "Kim, what reward would you like for getting this done on time?" Little did she know that I was going to ask her for something at the end of this week anyway - so I piped up and said "Well, Can I leave at noon on Friday to pick up my Mom from the airport?" She happily said YES!! Score 1 for Kim!!

Tomorrow morning - I'm interviewing with her for another position within the office... so maybe this good fortune will carry over into that as well... because I really need some new challenges if I'm going to make it through summer!

On other things, my second meeting with my mentor is tonight, and I'm a complete slacker.... I feel really bad about it too. I didn't memorize my two verses that I was supposed to... so I hope that she forgives me. I did do my reading, and have some really killer notes on everything I read - and all my prayers for the last couple of weeks are written in the journal with my studies. So hopefully she'll be happy about that and not to upset that I didn't get the other done.

I do have a plan on how I can work that in... my brother-in-law used to (might still do it) tape verses to the wall of their shower so he could study them while he was in the shower. I think that's a perfect idea for memorization of verses - because you're in there every morning and what else have you got to do? It doesn't take that much thought to wash your hair... so I'm going to try it this next two weeks, and hope for better results.

Poor Lisa, she for some reason doesn't get emails from me... so we've had a hard time with communication lately - but I'm going to check on that this evening too. Hopefully I can help make it easier on her in some ways too if she knows where I'm at with the reading. I feel bad that I've emailed her about 4 different times over the last couple of weeks and she hasn't gotten any of them. I keep getting emails that say "if you've responded - I haven't gotten it...", poor thing!

Well, I'm off to meet... but wanted to post something in case I am just not in the mood when I get home tonight. I tend to just want to sit and decompress when I get home in the evening - especially if I've done something in between work and home. So I feel that I'm in for a small piece of pizza for dinner and some Law & Order time when I get there...


  1. Awesome news about the boss! It's about time she said something nice!

  2. SERIOUSLY. Glad she's being a bit nicer this week! I hope you get the new position you want for the summer.

    And, uh, YEAH to Law & Order. One of my FAV shows! My poor husband has to stop me sometimes and say, "really? MORE Law & Order reruns tonight? Can't we watch something else?" : )


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