Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, when I left work tonight - I planned a night at home with my beloved Law & Order reruns... because GAH - last night they played basketball games instead of showing my favorite... they did the same thing tonight, only I wasn't home.
My mom's plane landed at about 5 this evening, and immediately she text messaged me to come meet her for dinner - so John and I went out to her hotel to have dinner with her before her conference starts tomorrow.
So we just got home from dinner, and I am again pretty tired. I've got to get in bed before 10 or I'm really not going to be moving very well in the morning... I need to at least get my 7 hours of sleep minimum... so off I go.
Sorry that this post isn't full of more information - I'll do better tomorrow!

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  1. Hope you slept well and that you enjoy your mom's visit!


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