Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Sunday

Whew, I'm exhausted, but still have a couple of hours before bed... as I'm still working on getting our laundry done. Mainly - I have to wait for the sheets so that I can make the bed.

Anyway - we had another great message today about communication with your spouse. I'll potentially get into more detail about it in another message later this week. It was a good message, and had lots of great information.

We attended our first small group meeting tonight, and it was a lot of fun. We start off with dinner, tonight it was some really yummy fajitas... and finished with some homeade sopapillas. We sort of hang out and eat for a lot of our time together, but finish off with a short Bible study. The study is a short video followed by some questions that lead us into some good discussions.

Tonight's study was about sexual sin...and temptation... and how that can happen with small things leading up to what I would consider one of the ultimate sins. It's interesting how some of the questions led us to look at how we were raised and where our moral standards were set, and who set them... some of us have a different idea of how we'd like to handle that with our own children, but overall it was an interesting look into our pasts and how to avoid situations that might cause you to do something you wouldn't want to.

The couple that hosted tonight's meeting are having a crawfish boil on Friday night - so we'll get to hang out with everyone again this weekend. Typically our small group meets every other Sunday evening... so it gives us three weeks of hanging out with everyone to get to know them better.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE our church? Maybe it's just timing, but I feel like it is very different from the experiences we've had before... now we've never had a bad experience... and maybe it's totally the differences in me because of losing weight and becoming less of a wall flower... but it just seems like the people are much more outgoing and accepting of meeting new people and really getting to know them. I'm sure it's probably a little of both, but it just goes to show you how God provides the right things at the right time.

I'm going to leave you with a few pictures... one is cute - and two are of my own personal horror from this weekend... and then I'm off to do some more Bible reading!

This is Missy tanning this afternoon after having a special puppy treat.

This is how my hair was styled after my hair cut yesterday... and I'm horrified at it now even more than I was yesterday... it looks like something nested in my hair! Okay, memo to me... don't have any errands to run after getting your hair done if you aren't happy with it!! (D0es it not look like I had a run-in with an angry bird? Or that I just woke up?)

This is the back of my hair which wasn't as bad as the front, but let me just tell you guys... for someone losing their hair because of the weight loss surgery - having a stylist tease it up like that, and then having to brush it out... I lost lots more hair than I should have!!


  1. It kind of looks like country singer hair actually! I rarely ever like the way my girl styles my hair and I always have to go home and redo it. You still look adorable however!

  2. I cracked up at the hair thing... I always have that same experience! Since my hair is so curly, I either leave the salon with a wild mane of frizzy lion hair, or with curls literally plastered to my head. I NEVER, ever go anywhere but home after my hair appointments!!

  3. Hey, we need to get together and hang out!



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