Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Takes the Cake

Well, I've officially been back at the office for 3 1/2 hours... and it's already started. My boss just sent me an email lecturing me about using the Out of Office Assistant on my email when I'm on vacation... and I absolutely did. One of the people I support must have used the excuse of not knowing about my vacation to complain... but it was on our daily schedule for weeks, and I had my out of office reply set up the day that I left. I even know several people that recieved the message!

But that's just typical - they always assume that I'm wrong before finding out what the truth behind the story is. (The stupid thing is that I know my boss had to have gotten the reply message when she emailed me during the time I was out too!) She even came to my desk to look at my computer - like that was necessary... but once again - didn't acknowledge her mistake. She just turned around and walked off... how hard is it? I mean if I'm wrong - I freely admit it - I'm not perfect, and I don't hide behind my short-comings.

In her email - she said that I should have changed my voicemail message too - which I didn't do, but I told her that and offered to change it in the future when I am out of the office. It's really not that big of a deal... the request in question wasn't even an emergency - just a normal request that I will handle today and everyone will be just fine... but in our typical style - we have to make a big nasty deal about it... and once again - I feel attacked and incompetent because of the way it was handled.

Just once - I'd like for them to say "my mistake" or "sorry" when these things happen and I'm actually not at fault... or even more than that - I'd love to work for people that would talk to me like a human being before jumping to the negative conclusions. What kind of life do these people lead if they can't even think about things from someone else's perspective?

I just can't imagine being that kind of boss - I'd probably be a little to much of a push over, but I would certainly give the employee the benefit of the doubt before confronting them!

Ok, just a small rant as I am miserably back at work today... I really need one of those principals to call me and give me a brighter light at the end of this dark tunnel... but I'll pray for patience when I have an opportunity to walk away from my desk and have some quiet time. Serenity NOW!!