Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today's Update

Does anyone else have problems with their stomach being extremely LOUD? I've been embarrassed so many times by the loud grumblings, and I've even been kicked out of some of my co-worker's cubicles because of my "alien". I don't know what exactly causes this phenomenon, but I had heard that it happens to people after having weight loss surgery. John thinks it's fun to listen to my tummy after we have dinner - not all the time, but when it really gets going - he'll listen and laugh... the worst is when I'm trying to go to bed - and it's super quiet in the house... all except for the "alien".

Today has been a pretty productive day - I did get my morning work out in today - a full 30 minutes, but I took the speed down a notch or two... I did about 7.5 miles this morning, (which is only about 1/2 mile less than I normally would do) as I'm still trying to work through this craziness that is going on with my body.

Naturally - if a weird medical mystery is going to happen... I'm the ginuea pig - and my system is putting me through the wringer right now. As I sit here - I literally feel like the room is spinning a little bit - and all I want to do is go take a nap. I have a feeling that I'd better get my Bible study done early tonight because there is a strong chance that I might crash on the couch before bedtime.

I'm reading through James 2 right now, and I think it really has some good points. The parts that I'm reading right now are talking about not favoring the rich over the poor... and I think that is so important - because we all tend to do that in some form or fashion these days. I don't really mean to do it, but I've caught myself struggling with it - not so much with monetary wealth... but with distancing myself from non-believers in my life. I know that part of my job is to minister to them, and I do in my best possible way - but if they're not open to it - I find myself not spending as much time with them.

I know it's a bad thing, but I just find that I want to be surrounded by people of faith right now because I have so much to learn from them. Their reminders to me about keeping my faith in daily struggles really helps me to realize that I'm not alone in anything that I set out to do... and that even more than their support - I've got God's support. I think new believers don't quite have a grasp on that in the beginning and I'm definently growing in that area.

I still consider myself a "new" believer because I don't think that much has been done on my part, and others - since my moment of accepting Christ into my heart... so I'm just embarking on my learning process and deepening my prayer life/relationship with God. It's a transformation that I won't be able to always see, taste, touch, or feel - but it's a big one, and I know that somewhere along the way - I'm going to look back and realize how much my life has changed for the better because of Him. Also because of all the people that have helped nurture my faith... again - God works in mysterious ways, and without him - we would have never found the most amazing church to become a part of.

To show that I am also working on my Bible memory - here is my first memory verse:

Psalm 107:1 (NIV) - Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

I'll also leave you with a picture that I thought was hysterical... I know lots of people that squirt their kitties with water when they do something bad... so it's just extra funny to me.


  1. I loved that last picture too, Kim, when I saw it on the site! I love cats.

    I hope we are both on the mend soon! I am feeling like total crap today and am going to blow off grocery shopping again today to go home and go to bed. I need to feel better!

  2. kim

    I'm sorry you are dizzy as of late. Do the basics...get more sleep, eat consistently, get your protein, lots of water, vitamins, and leave the rest to the professionals!

    I'll lift you up!

  3. I'm sure John already told you this, but a song was written about that verse. It might help you remember it if you listen to the song, plus it is a good one!

    It's by Michael W. Smith and is call Forever, this is the first verse:

    Give thanks to the Lord,
    Our God and King
    His love endures forever
    For He is good,
    He is above all things
    His love endures forever
    Sing praise, sing praise


  4. Kim, I don't think it's "bad" to want to be surrounded by Christians! If you want or need that in your life right now, go for it! Yes, we have to minister to others, but we're better equipped to do that when we're growing stronger ourselves! I'm proud of all the focus you're putting on your spiritual journey.

    And GOOD JOB with the exercise! You go, girl! Spinning room and all!!


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