Monday, April 28, 2008

Dizzy Not Ditzy

I managed to get in 1/2 a workout today - I'm still struggling a little bit with something that I can't describe. I'm in a constant state of dizziness right now - so I didn't want to push it to hard on the workout for this first day because I wasn't sure that my body could take it.

So since I've been home (somehow I got here without passing out) - for reference I got home at 6. I've managed to do a load of dry cleaning, do 15 minutes (4 miles) on the bike, eat takeout Mexican food (John's about to start back on his diet - so it was his last meal), change the sheets on the bed, do my Bible studying, take a bath, and now I'm sitting here relaxing. It's 8:15, and I'm worn out...

I'm really glad that I go see Dr. W next week because if anyone can help me figure out what this dizziness is all about - he can. Is it vitamin related? I don't know. Is it dehydration? I don't know. Is it related to an illness? I don't know. Is it somehow related to my allergies that have been rampant lately? Again, I don't know. For the record - NO, I'm not pregnant. (I know that tends to come up on these types of posts... so I just wanted to put it out there first. Believe me - when that happens - I'll shout it from the roof tops!

So tomorrow is another day and another try at keeping all my projects juggling in the air. I'm going to give a couple of ideas a try in the coming days... I think that the pace that I'm having to keep in the evenings is just a little to much, and that wasn't even with cooking or having to really clean up my kitchen... so my goal is to either start working out in the mornings or do my Bible study in the mornings... we'll see what my body decides it's up for. My preference would be working out in the mornings because that gets it out of the way early... and gets me up and going before work. I also don't know if my mind will be alert enough in the mornings to really read and comprehend my Bible studies. So, again - it's a work in progress.

In the event anyone wants to check it out - we had a REALLY good message this week for anyone that is married, or planning on being married someday... I'd write about it, but my Dad reads this, and the topic was a little embarrassing. So I'll just link to it here... for those that want to check it out. (it's the one titled Intimacy 4 Intimacy)


  1. Is there anyway you could see your doctor sooner? When are you due for labs? It certainly seems as if something is going on and I'm not sure I'd be willing to wait another week to start getting to the bottom of this.

  2. I've been having some dizziness too. Especially when I've been sitting and then stand up. I have no idea, but I keep thinking "oh no! I'm anemic!" Who knows?? I hope your doc has answers!


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