Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 Month Update

I thought that it was time to give an update on how things have been going. I've admitted to the lack of exercise already, but this week - I've lost another 5 pounds - which is great, and maybe I can keep the trend moving in that direction as I am nearing my 6 month appointments.

If I keep moving in this direction - I'll near the 75 pound mark by my appointment with my PCP. I think that I could hit it by my appointment with the surgeon the following week. It's not quite what I expected, but 75 pounds in 6 months is respectable weight loss... I guess I don't know what I expected because obviously it was irrational, but in some ways it might not have mattered if I'd lost 200 pounds - I might still not think it was right... who knows. I'm a girl and I reserve the right to be irrational from time to time.

We took my measurements again for my 5th month and here is where we are:

Weight: 66 pounds lost - I'm closing in on being under 250!!
Chest: 8 inches lost
Waist: 11 inches lost
Hips: 7 inches lost
Neck: 2.25 inches lost (really? wow!)
Left Thigh: 3.75 inches lost
Right Thigh: 3.5 inches lost
Left Calf: 2.5 inches lost
Right Calf: 2.5 inches lost
Left Bicep: 2.5 inches lost
Right Bicep: 2.75 inches lost
Left Forearm: 2 inches lost
Right Forearm: 1.25 inches lost

That's a total of 49 inches... in 5 months - I don't know of any other time in my life when I've lost this much in total. Which is very cool - don't get me wrong... I'm just not that good at looking at where I've come from versus where I am now. I struggle with being in the moment. I always have... and it won't be until some random moment in the future - after all my goals have been reached that I'll wake up one day and really understand and appreciate where I've come from. (It might even be the day I have my first child... but someday it will come, and the post will be long and it will be emotional.)

I wish I was one of those people that could see the big picture all the way through a situation, but that's just not me... and I'm always a work in progress - on several levels... tomorrow at some point - I will work out. If I can get myself up there in the morning - I will do it tomorrow evening... no matter what! I'm working under the assumption that this 5 pounds is going to breathe some life into my workout plan... it's time to get serious - so that things can hopefully move in a more positive direction every week.

The only thing that I still find puzzling is that I haven't had and drastic changes in my clothing. I haven't had to replace everything yet - meaning that I can still wear things from back when I started this journey. They are pretty baggy, but other than the waist - they still fit. I would think that I'd be moving down in the sizes at a faster pace these days, but it just doesn't seem to be happening... is it possible to skip sizes and need to jump to something completely different? Can I go from a 24 to a 20 or smaller without needing to buy anything in between? I guess only time will tell.

I'll leave you guys with a comparrison picture of me... the left is me the night before surgery, and the one on the right was taken yesterday.