Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busy Days

I just realized that I never made it back yesterday to post anything other than the survey deal. I got very busy running around with my Mom - we had lunch, got the new TV looked at, went to dinner, Home Depot, Target, and played several rounds of Pounce... very active Friday for me since I also worked a half of a day.

Today has been more of the same... I've been battling my allergies - so I got some children's Claritin last night at Target - so I took some of that and then slept in a little this morning. We had a late breakfast/lunch at a restaurant that John loves to have pancakes at. We started off there - then we went to this flea market place called Traders Village... we spend several hours there. It was a wild day there - my Mom kept trying to buy me stuff... birds, furniture for the front patio, a puppy, (it was the cutest little female boston terrier) you name it - she tried to buy it!

From there we went to Sam's to look for me a Wii (I'm looking at getting the machine so that I can try out the Wii Fit that comes out shortly after my birthday), but Sam's didn't have the game systems available for purchase in the store - only online. We also went to Best Buy to look for the game there as well, and actually got irritated with them. Apparently they had a bunch of them in the back, but were holding them because they're in the add for this week... so you can't buy them until tomorrow. Whatev... no game was purchased today...

From there we went to the grocery store, and made our way home to make some food for me to freeze. John mowed the lawn, and fertilized... while my Mom and I made 2 different dishes for me to freeze... I ended up with 30 + meals in the freezer! SCORE! There isn't much in this world that is better than having some of the better dishes from childhood pop into your freezer - and you didn't even have to work hard for it.

That's about it for the day - right now we're watching True Lies (it's on TV) and we might play some more Pounce before bed... we also bought a special dessert at the store for John & Mom to try out - if I have any - it will only be a bite or two. Then some more Claritin and I'm off to bed again... still working on becoming human again... but I'm on the road to recovery. Hopefully I'll be there by Monday because it's time to start working out for real this time... more than a 3 week flirting with a routine... but a real live working routine.


  1. The WalMarts in our area (529, 1960, 290 and Spring-Cy) get their Wii's delivered on Tuesday mornings between 10:30 and noon. They get all their trucks earlier on those mornings, but Nintendo delivers seperately a little bit later. Hope you can get it! I'm looking forward to the Wii Fit, too!

    Missed you this morning. Hope you are better!

  2. I am not a fan of Best Buy anyway, but in their defense, the home offices often dictate when things can be sold. I found this out at Christmas when trying to get a Wii for my kids. Luckily, the Toys R Us manager is an old, old friend of mine and he held one for me until they were allowed to be sold! I figure Best Buy probably works the same way!


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