Monday, May 19, 2008

Arrival in Midland

Well, the flight was an adventure to say the least... we boarded on time, but of course I sat next to a major jerk - I've lost almost 70 pounds, but apparently it's still a big ordeal to sit next to me on a plane. Whatever!

The guy next to me spent a lot of time sighing... and coughing on me... GROSS! But after sitting for a little over an hour longer than we should have... we made it. We sat on the runway in Houston for a while, and had to return to our gate because the plane was having mechanical problems... so that was a pain, but all ended just fine.

My Mom took me by my Meme's house for a little while, but she wasn't feeling very well - so we cut tonight's visit short so that she could get some rest for quality time tomorrow. We picked up some dinner on the way home, and watched Ratatouille. That's a pretty cute movie - and we've relaxed for the better part of the evening.

I wonder if I'll sleep very well in a new place without John here, but I guess we'll find out here in a little bit. I already miss home, but sometimes that's good - right? Absence makes the heart grow fonder... right?

It'll be okay - I'm just tired after running around all morning and rushing to the airport... so a little sleep will do wonders for making me feel human again.

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  1. Have a great time Kim! Did I ever tell you I used to live in Midland? That was years ago, so I'm sure it's grown a ton since then. The name of our street was W. Michigan...but I don't remember the address. Was your mom happy to see how great you look?



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