Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Busy Busy

I always forget how much running around we do when I'm out here... even though we didn't get started until later in the morning/afternoon... we managed to do some shopping - we went to this GREAT little store called the Ivy Cottage. It's one of my favorites because they just have some really great things. While we were there - my Mom got me this figurine (it's a Boston Terrier - which is what Missy is) - it's a part of the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collection... and I have lots of their pieces around my house.

From there we went by a bakery for my Meme and picked up some sandwiches for lunch. We popped by Meme's for lunch, and then went back out for more shopping. We then went to the mall where she took me through 3 different jewlery stores looking for a ring or something to buy for me. I just didn't see much that I was excited about - so we moved on. We looked at shoes in Dillards for my Mom because she needed some stuff for work... and then headed to the grocery store.

We dropped the groceries off at home, and then went back over to Meme's to show her the shoes we bought at the mall. As you can tell - Midland is not a big city at all... I'm used to it taking about 30-45 minutes to get anywhere... or at least anywhere outside of my direct neighborhood... and here you can pretty much cover the entire city in 10! It's a good size city, but just very different than what I'm used to on a daily basis. (or was used to when I was working 30 miles away from home)

Tonight she's making me one of my childhood favorites (Swiss Steak) with mashed potatoes and a salad... of course - I'll get about a spoon-full of each, but just the taste of it is enough for me. After dinner, the plan is for my Mom and Aunt, Tere, to watch American Idol... I am not a fan, but I guess I'm watching for the next two nights... oh well - at least there are lots of catalogs and magazines around here for me to entertain myself with.

I don't know what tomorrow's adventures will bring, but I'm sure it will be action packed. I do know that we're going out to dinner tomorrow night with the family - we're going to a place called Shogun's - which is pretty much a Benihana's, only not quite as good. So I'll get some pictures tomorrow night with everyone.


  1. What? Not a fan of American Idol?? When you hear these two David's sing, you will change your mind! I've been saying for weeks that these two boys will be in the finale and after watching tonight, I am just so impressed with both of them all over again.

    Glad you're having a good time!

  2. only a spoonful?!

    gack! Kim, i don't think you are eating enough maybe.

    I consumed an insane amount of cut up strawberries last night. *laughs.

    I'm down 67 pounds and I KNOW I'm eating more than you.

    have you thought maybe you need to up your intake a little?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place, Midland!


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