Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Busy One

Today was more of the same... running and running. We started our day a tad earlier since it was my Mom's birthday. We went over to say good morning to Meme, and to pick up my Wii Fit - my Aunt got two of them this morning at Target, and I'll be shipping mine home with some other things. Then we went out for breakfast. We went to IHOP and it was the second time I've eaten some eggs without getting sick... so maybe I'm past that craziness.

For Mom's birthday she got an old fashioned ice cream maker from my Aunt, so we headed over to Barnes & Noble to look for a good recipe for ice cream we can make in the next couple of days. No luck - so we decided to stick with the recipe that came with the ice cream maker. I'm hoping that we can make strawberry - because I'd love a little taste of some fresh strawberry ice cream over Memorial Day... (hint - John... if it doesn't work out - we're making it at home!!)

From there we headed to Best Buy to do some shopping... where I left my Mom talking to a salesman about a camcorder... but walked back over 10 minutes later to find her buying me a second digital camera. I now have a small one for trips and to keep in my purse - which will be nice when I want to take a picture, but don't have my big camera with me.

We headed over to Sears from there to look at wall mounted ovens because Mom's needs to be replaced. It looks like they are having a 15% off in store promotion over the weekend - so she'll go back on Saturday to make her purchase there.

She then had a bright idea to get pedicures, and even though I just had one last week - I went ahead and indulged with her... and we ended up with flowers on our big toes - which is a fun treat for the holiday weekend.

We relaxed a little for the rest of the afternoon... we ran over to show Meme our toes, and then came back to Mom's to relax before dinner. We watched a movie called Music of the Heart... or Music from the Heart. It has Meryl Streep in it, and is really a good movie. So really, I watched it and Mom took a little nap.

We had reservations for 5:30, so we changed and went to dinner. It was really good, and I shared a meal with my Mom... so I was pleasantly full and happy. I'm sure that I'll eat again before the night is over, but I was just happy that I didn't make myself sick. I've been really afraid of places like Benihana's because they are really my favorite treat, and with me enjoying it so much - I was afraid of the tendency to over eat... I guess that with the right head - I can handle it. (Of course I can always bring it home too - so no more fear of that!)

Mom is now watching American Idol. I'm in the office blogging - but I guess I'll go finish the show with her. To clarify my comments about American Idol... I'm not a fan, but it's not really because I think it's a bad show or any real objections like that - I just am not really into pop music. My deal is old country from the 80's... for the most part - so this just isn't something I listen to regularly. The singers did alright last night, and I'm happy for them... I just don't buy music or really listen to anything current - so I just don't get that interested in watching. I know that others love it - in fact my Mom and Aunt were voting the entire time that they were allowed to... so believe me - there are big fans in my family!!

For some reason - I just don't get into reality television - I never have. I'm much more interested in being entertained by something that someone has created and scripted... bring me a drama or comedy show any day over something in the reality genre. I do appreciate though that American Idol is a family friendly show - unlike some of the other reality shows out there. That is the one thing that I do give the producers credit for on AI and Dancing with the Stars - they are shows that you can watch with kids and not have to worry a bit about the content being objectionable.

Tomorrow Mom goes back to work - so who knows how I'll entertain myself... maybe some shopping on my own? Maybe lunch with my cousin? Who knows... I'll figure it out though... I do have thank you cards to write from my birthday - so maybe I'll work on those!


  1. I envy you all the shopping time! I love to shop and cannot wait to clothing shop again!

    I know AI is reality tv, but it isn't the kind that makes me uncomfortable, like many of those shows do. Then of course, I have always sung and done musical theater, so the whole music competition thing intrigues me!

    Fun with the flowers on the toes!

  2. Heck yeah to all that shopping time... makes me want to take a vacation!


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