Friday, May 2, 2008

Better But Not Great

Today has been better, I tried an experiment last night with just starting the blood pressure medicine to see if that was the main cause of the dizziness... well we checked my blood pressure this morning at around 11 and it was much lower than yesterday... I think it was like 115/82 or something... not bad though. About an hour or two after we took it - the dizzy spells started up again. Since I don't really have much going on right now - I decided to get the grocery shopping out of the way while most people are working. (Can I just say that it's MUCH easier than going on Saturdays!) I filled the prescription for the new vertigo medicine and will start taking it this evening. The pharmacist said that the most common side effect is drowsiness - so I've been scared to take it while trying to do other things.

I did get some stuff cleaned out this morning (papers that could be thrown away... need to get a shredder) and cleaned out 3 trashbags full of clothes that don't fit from the closet. I will get those over to goodwill or one of their drop boxes sometime in the next few days.

I applied to two more school districts today, and am praying that one of the 7 districts will come through for me soon - because I really want to just cut my losses with the non-profit world and go straight into my new career.

A lady that just happened to quit from our office (her last day was Wednesday) has a friend that might be able to give me some contract work doing some writing... so we'll look forward to hearing back on that.

Things are chugging along, and I'm fine emotionally today... so it's a step in the right direction.

The only thing is that I feel a little lost not having a job right now, and some people from the old office are really shocking me... I've gotten more support from people I barely know than some that I've known for a while. I guess that is just people... but it's still sad. I don't know if it's like survivor's guilt right now, but I really miss my friends... I sincerely hope that things will get back to normal on that front in the next few days, but I've decided to wait until they contact me to write them again.

For now - I'll just wait and pray that it all falls into place as God's will wants it to be...


  1. Glad to hear things are a bit better today. Did your doc check for maybe an inner ear infection or something along those lines? This dizziness thing is really bugging me, so I'm sure it must be REALLY annoying to you!

    If you got a good severence package, take a week and lay low and work on finding out what is going on with your health. Before you were dizzy, you were tired, and I'm betting something is off in your labs!

  2. I've got to figure out what to do with all my too-big clothes. I should just donate them since selling them hasn't happened thus far. It's just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in great clothes!! :(

    I agree with Kim... you can chill, kick back, and lay low for a bit. That may help with the dizzyness.


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