Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bring it On

Let me start out with a review of last night... I had a great time seeing my old friends from our old church. We had a lovely dinner, and BJ's was actually really good. I had a mini pizza which had 4 tiny peices... I probably ate one whole peice and the toppings off the rest of it. The Chocolate Bar was fun as well... just a different little place to go for a treat, and I kept my treat to the smallest thing I could find which was 2 scoops of their ice cream. (Let me clarify since it sounds like a lot - thanks Meg! - they were tiny scoops that probably totaled the size of one regular scoop) So overall - I didn't make myself sick, and we gave Staci a good send off.

I had my 6 month follow up appointment with my surgeon today, and he seemed pleased with my progress. After waiting in the room for an hour... apparently he had to run over to the hospital for a minute before seeing me... it was another anti-climatic appointment. He did tell me though that when I come back for my one year appointment - he hopes that I've taken off another 50 - 60 pounds.

After that, I went and bought a cook book that I saw at my Mom's last week. It's a Rachel Ray book called 30 Minute Meals - The All-Occasion Cookbook. I found some good recipes to try in there, and since I have the time and desire right now to try new things (read: extra time at home)... I thought it would be a good time to make John be my guinea pig on a few things. I've watched Rachel's show for years now, off and on, and most of her recipes are fairly health conscious. Those that aren't - you can pretty much figure out on your own and avoid them.

I ran a few more errands on my way home from the doctor's office, and when I got home... my Wii Fit was here. So I spent some time getting it set up, and then doing a 30 minute workout... it is really fun, and VERY challenging! I did some yoga (breathing, half moon, warrior, and tree), and aerobics... and very little of the strength training and balance games. My favorite so far was the hula hooping - I'm actually pretty good at it too. I did 4 yoga poses, hula hooped, a step routine, and jogged for the bulk of my workout time... and man... I majorly broke a sweat too! I turned on the fan in our living room after my first yoga pose, but never did get cooled off. I'm going to continue on with this everyday this week, and see how I do - everyday you do a body test - so it'll be interesting to see how this goes.

My first body test told me all the things that I already know... I'm obese... but surprisingly my balance isn't to far out of whack... and my Wii Fit age is 30... so I'm fairly happy with my initial body test. More on this to come as things progress.

I'm going to try to keep myself awake in the mornings now instead of going back to sleep when John leaves for work... so my goal is to get my Bible reading done, my workout done, and get cleaned up before I turn on a tv or computer. Now, with the tv part - I'm going to have to use it for the Wii Fit, BUT I won't turn on any news or shows before all of this is complete. We'll see how that goes as well.


  1. The Wii fit looks so fun!! I didn't know you could do that many different things with it. Might have to look into it myself....

    I'm shocked 2 scoops of ice cream didn't make you sick! I'm glad you got to have fun with your friends!

  2. Let me know how the cookbook is.. I bought the Hungry Girl cookbook, and it has some great ideas! Maybe some of us local girls can do a cookbook tradeoff once a month at the support groups - may be something to think about! I've been bad about buying books and not looking at them again for awhile! LOL
    I got the Wii and the Wii fit too.. I am waiting to hook it up until I get some rearranging done.. I can't wait to try it though! :) I'll let you know my results from my first workout! :)


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