Thursday, May 29, 2008

Whew! Day 2

Some pictures of what you would see while doing your Wii Fit...

This is the step routine part of the game - and your job is to keep your feet in sync with the pictures as they scroll. I never thought I'd be able to do it, but I can!!

Here is what you see while Hula Hooping - you keep the hoops moving while bending to catch more hoops from the guys at the top of the screen. I think you end up with 5 or 6 hoops if you catch them all... and I can get my spin count to 400 in 90 seconds. I am now working on the advanced level in that as well, and you do two sets of 90 seconds - once spinning your hips to the right and the second spinning them to the left. I'm much better going right than left!

Despite my best attempt - I didn't quite make my goal today... I guess that's why it is a goal... right? When I woke up with John today - every one of my muscles was screaming! So I gave in and went back to sleep for a couple of hours after he left. I figured that rather than make it a chore to do the workout - I'd give in a little to my body, and push it a little later in the day.

I did my body test again before the workout, and it upped my Wii Fit age to 45... AS IF! After working out - I did it again, and it brought me back down to 31... the interesting thing is though that it said I'd gained weight before my workout, but then lost 6 by the time the workout was over. Needless to say - it won't be my guide for weight loss over all... I guess having it on carpet causes the results to vary, but my center of balance seems to be moving in the right direction... so that's good news.

I tried the yoga poses again, and a couple of new ones... I did better on the ones I'd done yesterday, and not so hot on the new ones. I'll have to get the names when I do them again tomorrow. I believe one of the new ones that I was actually good at was called Sun Salutation.

I did the hula hooping again, and the step routine - which unlocked an advanced version of the step routine, and I loved it! It's 5 minutes long - and a bit faster than the original... and I did it without any problems keeping up... or at least with the rhythm part - the feet I've got a little work to do. I'm actually working out and having fun - I didn't even know that was possible!

I did find myself getting tired more quickly today - but it wasn't a problem with catching my breath - it was more with feeling the burn in my muscles sooner than before. I am proud of myself though, and can't wait to see how this positively affects the scale movement... I need for it to get a little more consistent if I'm going to make the goals my surgeon has for me... and honestly - I'd love to surpass them and meet my own goal, but we'll just have to see what happens. The last time I'll see him will be the day before Thanksgiving (unless I have to reschedule) so I have until then to make miracles happen. HA!

On the job front - I have an interview next Tuesday morning for a job within my old career path... I don't have any idea what to expect, but I'm keeping an open mind. It is possibly a longer commute than my old job, and I don't know if they can afford to pay as much as the old place did... but they'd have to in order for it to be economical for me... the other thing is that I don't know if they can wait until July for someone to start working. I'm considering myself on contract with the old place until then because I want to make sure to get all that I worked for and deserve from the old company. We'll see what happens... but at least it's good to hear back from someone!!

I'm still planning on going to the job fair and keeping up my search for a teaching position... so we'll see what happens. I know that God will provide the opportunity that he wants me to take - I just have to be patient and open to whatever that is.

In the meantime - I'm working on building a routine with my workouts and Bible reading that will be able to continue forward when I do start working again. Those areas were lacking in my old job and routine - and are not negotiable this time around. I've got to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit so that I can be the best person I can be!


  1. We have a Wii and I have never played it, but now in hearing about your Wii Fit, I am intrigued!

  2. If nothing else, this job interview will be excellent interview practice!

    I'm so glad you're still loving the Wii fit!!


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