Friday, May 30, 2008

One More

I'm actually having a WOW moment tonight - I worked out before dinner yesterday for another 20 minutes making it a full hour of exercise yesterday, and then did a full hour this morning. Only one small interruption from my Dad - who actually said "get off your Wii" when he called this morning... wonder if he ever thought that he'd be telling me to stop working out?!

I'm actually excited to work out tomorrow, and even more so to see what happens on my morning weigh in on Sunday. My muscles are still really sore, but the interesting thing is that I do much better on my body test at the end of my workout... my flexibility is much better and my balance is better too.

This morning I did my body test before working out initially and my Wii Fit Age was 46 - clearly my body was more stiff... but at the end of the workout I was back at 30.

I feel like I'm boring my readers with all of this for the last three days, but I'm just really beyond excited that I've found something that I can hang in there with for an hour a day - and enjoy! I never thought I'd be that person... maybe doing all of this through the summer will lead to my being strong enough to take up jogging in the fall/winter. I can't see myself ever being an outdoor runner in the summer time here in Texas... it's just to darn HOT!

In other news - now that I'm semi-retired (temporarily) and our budget has been tightened as much as possible... I've gotten pretty good at hitting my weekly budget for groceries... which is exciting - I've never done that before. We've also started using Wal-Mart to help us with that though - now that we've learned that they match local competition prices... we've found a local blog that puts up all the sales in the area, and we look through those and make our menu accordingly.

I used some of my birthday money today to buy three new movies for us to watch - we'll see what we get through this weekend, but I've got The Waitress, The Departed, 27 Dresses, and Mad Money... I'll write reviews and things as we get through them. We would be watching one tonight, but the NCAA College World Series for Softball is on right now and our Texas A&M Aggies are doing really well. Gig 'Em Aggies!!

No major plans for the weekend, so we'll get some things done around the house - hopefully a couple more hours of workouts, some consistent weight loss, and some relaxation too. I guess that I'd better check out my interview outfit this weekend too and see if it still fits... that would be sad if it didn't - but sort of cool too!

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  1. you're making me want a Wii and the workout thing too...too bad they're so expensive!!!

    can you send me the link for the sale blog? I would looooooove to have that!

    glad to see you're having a good weekend, see you tomorrow :)


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