Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I thought this was hysterical!! (Shout out to Mama Jean for sending it my way!) It is sort of a nod to how I'm feeling right now too - This has been one of those days where I am completely not able to eat much at all. I've been hungry, but just feel like I am unable to fit anything in my stomach at all.

I'm sort of following what my body wants today, and have backed off of eating all my meals - in hopes that this too shall pass... but we'll see. John is outside doing our grilling for tonight, and I've made the salad and potatoes... so we'll see how dinner goes for me.

We haven't done much today... slept in (a rare treat), made breakfast, watched National Treasure 2 (we didn't get to it last night... we watched several episodes of Deadliest Catch), and since then have just bummed around. John specifically asked for a weekend like this - as he spent the last month working around our house getting it ready for my birthday, and replacing septic system line at his parent's. (EWW!)

Does anyone else watch Deadliest Catch? It's a show about the fishing boats out in Alaska fishing for crab. It looks like the most intense job I've ever seen... I just can't imagine. We stumbled on this show one night while flipping channels, and just got a little interested in finding out what happens to the men. Well last night they had a marathon going of the show, and we finally got to see what boat won the race to catch the most crab. Apparently, it used to be a competitive fishing season, but it isn't that way anymore. Interesting show...but not something I'd get that involved in.

I hope that you've all had a great Memorial Day, and have remembered all of those that have given their lives for our freedom.


  1. We watch deadliest catch when Lee's in charge of the remote. Or when I've completely overdosed him on Law & Order, hehe. I like it pretty well... Lee's convinced he could totally do that job, and I'm convinced nobody should have to!

  2. I figured the outlet mall was close to your house and thought about that on the way there, but of course didn't have your phone #! next time I'll think ahead..would have loved for you to meet us!


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