Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pictures from Midland

Today has been a lovely relaxing day... but very productive!! John and I started out at church, with John leading worship for today... he did a great job, as I knew he would. We left church and went to the grocery store... with some special Memorial Day treats in mind.

When we got home - I made lunch, and relaxed for a little bit. Then spent the afternoon making all the goodies... I've made strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream, and a loaf of bread today... and helped with making dinner (pork chops, fresh corn, and green beans).

We've gotten everything cleaned up, and are about to watch National Treasure 2. I think John is enjoying his holiday weekend... I know I am!

Here are a couple of pictures from last week...

This is a passion flower - it's a climbing vine, and it's in my grandmother's courtyard... for Mother's Day my Mom and Aunt bought her a gazebo and she's gotten it all set like a tropical paradise. Very lovely, and it's where she enjoys her morning coffee everyday.

Here I am with Meme... I think this picture turned out really well.

My Mom playing with her new ice cream maker... anyone catch a theme for the last few days? I've spent a lot of time making ice cream, but not a lot of eating it - so it's been fun... I have a tiny bit to satisfy my cravings... but not enough to throw off my program.

My Mom and her little angel... it's the cutest poodle... and she weighs all of like 4 pounds. She thinks she's a killer watch dog though!

Another one of the little girl... I just think she's adorable.


  1. You know, I am not a poodle fan, but she is adorable! So glad you had a nice time and that today was relaxing for you!

  2. i can FOR SURE tell a difference. you glow!


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