Sunday, May 25, 2008

Notice the Change?

Wow!! I lost 5 pounds on vacation!! What a different and FUN way to travel!! That puts me at 72 pounds down, with a little over 100 to go... I've got some work left to do, but I've never lost 70 pounds before - so I'm celebrating a little today!! I will probably take some birthday money and do something fun after the holiday. Speaking of that... I need to look up my reward system and make sure that I haven't been cheated out of a reward. HA!

I will hold on to whatever it is for now though in light of me not working, and our tighter budget... but I will find something else that is cheap to do for myself.

Got to run get ready for church... more later!


  1. Yeah, don't skip those rewards you've earned! Some of mine are for long relaxing bubble baths or a day at the beach... free!

  2. Oh yay, you!! That is wonderful news! When was the last time you went on vacation and lost weight?? I did the same thing in Florida and lost five pounds. I'm still amazed!


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