Monday, May 12, 2008

No Show

Today was supposed to be the day when all the items were supposed to be finished on our leak and repair, but no one showed up at all to work on it. I even tried calling the builder, but couldn't get him on the phone... nice... another day wasted waiting on people.

I did get some significant time logged reading my book... so I guess it wasn't completely wasted, but not exactly what I planned on doing today. I guess I'm just weird, but when I know people are supposed to be coming by - I can't go upstairs and do other things - because then I'm really far away from being able to lock the dogs up, and let them in. (yeah - I'm weird)

So I didn't get anything done up in the craft room - which I would like to get some things completed before this weekend when our family is here... and I also didn't get any writing done today - but I guess tomorrow I will bring that stuff downstairs while I wait for all of these workmen to finally get their job completed and get out of my hair.

I emailed with one of the other ladies that was laid off with me today, and she seems to be doing really well too. She has started her own website, which is a summer program for children - and asked me to look at the site and give my opinions. I am excited for her, and can't wait to hear more about how she's involved with it and all the details. It's always so interesting to finally be able to hear all the real things that are going on behind the scenes of an office - you know when people let down their guard and tell you all the fun things they are involved in outside of their main source of income.

Not much else to tell about today - I'm in the process of making John's dinner right now, soaking the front flowerbed, and blogging... I'm multi-tallented!! Tonight we will pack up the television that we're returning as they are delivering the replacement tomorrow sometime... and taking this broken peice of junk back. I am honestly looking forward to Wednesday right now as it gives me an excuse to get out of the house for a little while... I'm starting to run out of things to entertain myself with... or that might be just because I don't feel like I'm free to get deep into any projects right now because of waiting for the workmen and I'm not one that enjoys interuptions when the creative juices are flowing.


  1. Blows my mind how a company cannot shows up and not even have the courtesy to call you! They rely on you for their livlihood as well as probably being referred to others by their customers. Hmph!

  2. Yeah, once the house is purchased the builder's always kind of slack on the whole customer service thing! I hope it gets resolved today!

  3. wow, you are a busy little worker's kind of nice to have that free time, huh?

    we'll look for those blessings where we can find them. ;)

    also, you've almost shed SEVENTY POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!

    HURRAH! That is an amazing accomplishment, my friend!



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