Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Building Drama

Who knew that not showing up yesterday was actually one of the small mistakes that the builder has made during this process. The guy I've been working with decided that instead of replacing the moldy water damaged sheet rock in the closet - he'd just put some plaster over it and tell me that it would be fine. Well, John wasn't having any of that - so he got on the phone, and next thing you know the guy in charge of all the construction projects was here checking out the house.

About an hour later - a different guy was calling to let me know the schedule of how things will be fixed between now and Friday. So we'll log this as another knight in shining armour moment for my dear husband.

In the middle of all of this - I did get to have lunch with an old friend from high school that now lives in Norway. She comes in a couple of times a year, and it's always fun to catch up over lunch and talk... it's really fun to hear stories about what life is like in a foreign country from the perspective of a childhood friend. This time - I got a special surprise... I got to meet her husband. He seems really great, and it was fun to hear his stories about Nicole - and to share some of ours with him.

Tomorrow brings more workmen to the house, my six month post surgical checkup with my doctor, and lunch with some old friends from the office. I talked with my friend Hope today, and apparently they were singing her praises on Friday - but turned around and wrote her up on Monday... I SO don't miss that mess!! I feel bad for her... but seriously - my life is much simpler now.

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