Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nothing Changes

I saw this, and after having lunch with my former co-workers... I felt that this summed up their mood today...

The official repair of the leak damaged areas began this morning. After having the VP of construction come through yesterday - they've replaced all of the sheet rock in the bathroom from the floor up about a foot, they sprayed bleach in the walls to make sure that there isn't any mold growing, and finally sprayed under the tub for ants... as the little devils have made an appearance in our bathroom since the water has stopped being abundant. All of that completed before I needed to leave for lunch with my friends.

I was supposed to have my six month follow up with my surgeon today, but he had to go out of town - so they rescheduled me for May 28th. So I skipped over that and met the girls for lunch. One of the other ladies that was laid off met us as well, and everyone commented about how rested and relaxed we looked compaired to them. I guess in a way it was true... and we didn't have to rush back to that craziness either. We actually hung around another 20 minutes or so and chatted...

From there - I picked up John. His carpool partner's father was put in the hospital, and she needed to leave... which left him stranded there without a car. Since I was already out and about... I picked him up early, and we ran a couple of errands. We made 3 stops to get a few things we needed for my birthday get together on Saturday.

When we got home, I spent an hour or two up in my craft room working on my scrapbooking... I got three pages done in that time... am I slow? It sure doesn't feel like I get much done with my time, but everything looks good!!

With leftovers served for dinner - we're now catching up on a couple of shows that were recorded previously... and then off to bed to wake up to my last day in my 20's...


  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying your work "vacation". Everyone needs a little downtime and after hearing about how horrible working there seemed to be, I'm actually glad they found the door for you, as I know how hard it is to leave on your own no matter how unhappy you are. I think God is just giving you a well needed and deserved break before you begin teaching!

  2. Kim, Kim, Bo-bem-banana-fanna-fo-fem, me-mi-mim, kiiiiim! I think it is great that you are getting a chance to enjoy some time away from the daily grind. You will be back in it soon enough. Enjoy iy! XoXo...Jil

  3. "it" not "iy" please excuse my special...ness!

  4. I hear that the thirties are the best decade of all!

    Happy b-day kimmie!

  5. That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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