Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heart Breaking

Well, our Lady Aggies lost the national title tonight - but they did it with class... so that's all anyone can ask for. I felt so bad for them - after watching them for around 2-3 weeks... it was really gut wrenching to watch them so overwhelmed with emotion at their loss. It's also always hard knowing that there are so many seniors on the team that won't ever have another opportunity to "give it their all" again.

My interview today was great... was offered the job on the spot, but the monetary portion of the offer was about $15,000 less than what I was making at my old position - and for a non-teaching job, I can't afford to take that big of a hit in salary. What's the difference? You might ask... well, public school teachers don't pay social security and there is the whole issue of commuting right now.

I did go back and offer them the option of thinking of a deal with telecommuting - so we'll see if I hear anything back tomorrow or later in the week. I think it would be a total God thing if this worked out because there are incredible odds that would have to be worked out on both sides to make it happen - but through Him all things are possible.

The man that conducted the interview was amazing! How many times have you ever been interviewed where scripture was quoted, and a prayer was offered at the end? Even though it was a sort of let down for both of us... being that we couldn't make a deal on the spot - he was incredibly gracious and prayed that I would find the right fit in order to glorify God.

The other cool part was that he was ready to build his department around me and my skills, and told me that any "shop" would be lucky to have me. I wanted to give him my old boss's phone number and ask him to call and let them know, but I didn't. It was just refreshing to be reminded that there are people out there in leadership positions that you can respect, and are kind. It's been so long since I'd seen or experienced a person in that role having those values that it was almost shocking.

I guess it is true what they say about hitting an animal... if you do it often enough - they'll shy away from you every time you raise your hand... and in the 3 years at my old job - I believe that I became that animal... and I'm honestly glad to know that God is out there guiding me in a new path - as this is the first time in my life that He has been a part of this process... and I'm SO much better for that!

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  1. I'm so glad they offered you the job! We'll see what God does with all those details, but what a confidence booster to have the choice! Nice!!


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