Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Monday

I thought this was cute, and I used to have a dog just like this - a Pembroke Welsh cute!!

Now this just made me laugh...

Well, I think we've lost our battle with the ants... we have called for professional artillery - so they'll be gone soon and their eight-legged friends too. (I am thrilled that this has pushed John over the edge... I've been dealing with spiders for 8 months now!)

I took another day off from working out - I decided that I'd ramp up to 5 workouts this week, and go for a full 6 next week. I just thought that I'd get more out of it if I gave those muscles a second day of rest.

I didn't write about it yesterday because I needed a day to get over it, but as you can tell from the ticker - I didn't lose any weight last week... in fact I gained a pound... which I refuse to register on my ticker. It's extremely frustrating, but all I can do is keep at it and know that somewhere down the line my hard work will show and pay off.

I'm missing a women's movie night right now with the ladies from our church, but I thought it best to stay in and go to bed as early as I can tonight... in preparation for my interview in the morning. I got my nails done today so that if by some weird chance - my hands have an effect on their perception of my ability to manage their database - I'd be ready. (I also got them done for the same reason for next Monday - in the event that my hands have an effect on my perceived ability to teach elementary students.)

Other than that - I spent a good part of the day getting things ready for a craft night at church on Friday. I had to get some pictures printed at Walgreens, and am starting to organize my stuff into layouts so that I can take it all with me on Friday. I've never been to a craft night like this - in fact I've only been to one at my friend Jenn's house and it was fun!

We're watching a little more softball tonight as our ladies are playing the first game of the finals tonight, and we hope that they'll pull out these first two games out of the three - so that this madness will be over.

I'll leave you with a picture from our going away "Girls Night Out" for Staci last week - as she left for Canada this morning... Texas is going to miss her family, but we'll be here to welcome them home in a year or two. (Staci is fourth from the left in the back row)


  1. Don't be too upset about the pound gain. You said you are using muscles on the WiiFit, and if you built any last week, that might be what is showing your gain as muscle weighs more than fat. Keep at it, Kim! I'll bet next week the scale shows a difference!

  2. You've got the right attitude about that pound... just keep on keeping on and it will adjust itself. Could be water, could be muscle, could be some fluke.

    Good luck on the interviews... I'm sure your magic manicure will help!

  3. wow...i'm gonna just say tho' that your face is looking slimmer than ever...such a difference, kim.

    i can see it.

  4. I didn't lose any weight last week... in fact I gained a pound... which I refuse to register on my ticker

    Wow, I know exactly how you feel. I just had the same thing this week. It'll come off, everyone here is right. There are a ton of reasons (good reasons) why that pound is there. Keep at it!


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