Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ok, so anyone reading this that didn't go to Texas A&M won't get the title of the post... but I'm sorry - my Lady Aggies just made it to the finals of the College World Series - and that was after losing this morning... and going into 3 extra innings!

Obviously a good portion of my day has been spent watching two college softball games, but strangely - I find myself interested and caring if they win... so I'm letting John enjoy that small glimpse of hope that I might someday care about sports.

Other than that, we've been seeing some ants around our house lately - and our suspicion was that it might be because I hadn't swept or mopped since the birthday bash... so I did all of that today in hopes that we can get rid of the pests...

And John did finally get the lawn mowed, and is now continuing to water it as it is looking very wilted and dry. It's strange that they're not reporting a drought for our area, but it certainly feels like it at our house! So I guess we'll be making our own rain for a while as there isn't any rain in our forcast for like 10 days.

On the one hand, I know we need the rain, but on the other - I am sort of happy to keep all the storms out in the ocean... Hurricane season starts today, and there is already something out in the Cancun area... I hate hurricane season so much - so I'm praying that we all stay safe this year even though they are predicting another record year.

Its about bedtime now, and I've got to get John ready for work - or at least make sure that there is something for me to pack up for him to take for lunch...

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