Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy Day

It's been another lazy day in our house... partially because of the Women's College World Series, but also because of our lack of rain. John was going to mow the yard today, but patches of our grass were looking really wilted - so he opted to water instead and mow tomorrow.

We haven't gotten to any of my movies yet, but our Women's team plays tomorrow at noon - so I'm hopeful that I can slip one in at some point tomorrow afternoon or evening. We'll see though... if not - I might have to watch one while he's working on Monday and just watch it again when he's here.

I did my hour on the Wii Fit this morning/afternoon and am debating on if I should give myself a day off tomorrow. The instructions on the screen tell you to do it everyday, but my body hurts so badly that I'm wondering if a day of recovery would be beneficial to my muscles. Seriously, I've NEVER hurt this badly... nor have I ever been able to push through it in the way that I have this week. I honestly can barely get myself up off the couch without my face scrunching in pain... the addition of the rhythmic boxing has done a number on my arms too - so now the pain is equal in my arms and legs... so I know that this workout is doing something! Tomorrow morning is the moment of truth to see if it's made any difference in my weight - I honestly hope so!

I think if my body wasn't sore - I would have been more interested in getting my husband moving today and out to do something... but with money being tight, and my body feeling like it has been drawn and quartered - I opted to be lazy this afternoon.

The one thing that I am struggling with lately is getting everything in that I want to do - maybe its those extra two hour nap that I've been taking when John leaves for work - or my unhealthy addiction to TNT in the daytime... did anyone else know that they play classic episodes of ER at 9 & 10?! (The ones with George Clooney - you know when it was really good!) Okay, my point in this is that I seem to not be able to keep all my plates spinning at one time - I get one going and do really well, but another one falls by the wayside in the process. My Bible reading is suffering - I wasn't able to keep it up while I was out of town and haven't been able to get it rolling again since. I've got to find a way to get both my reading and my workouts going at the same pace so that I can build healthy habits there before starting back to work. So, this is my struggle right now, and my focus is to get it back on track while not letting my workouts slow down or suffer in the process.


  1. I would do some yoga. That will stretch your sore muscles and help them to recover for a bigger workout the next day. :)

    I need to get in gear and get my Wii Fit. My b-day is in August, so maybe I'll put it on my list.

  2. when i start to feel like i'm not doing anything but being lazy (being a slug is what I call it), i write a time schedule for the week.

    even if you don't stick to it hour for hour, you still get more accomplished than you would have without it.


  3. jeesh, don't you know your mind needs a rest too!!! Don't be so hard on yourself, give yourself a reward(like watching tnt)Look at how far you've come in just these last few months. Relax and enjoy. Like they say,stop and smell the roses. You are a wonderful person and don't let anyone tell you different, not even you.
    mama jean

  4. It is so hard to keep up with everything! I totally get that! I spent today working on my porch and doing some gardening; my newest hobby I'm taking a stab at. Like I need another hobby as I can't keep up with the ones I have!


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