Monday, June 30, 2008

How Interesting

I got in to see my doctor today, and they apparently did see something in the CAT scan from last week - but nothing completely convincing. So for now I've been instructed to make an appointment with a urologist, and keep drinking a ton of fluids in order to try to completely flush my system. At the same time he'd like me to test our suspicion that it might be my gallbladder. How do you do that you ask? Well my "prescription" is to eat fatty foods... I'm to test things like cheese, ice cream, butter, fried foods, and pizza to see if they cause the pain to start within an hour after eating them. If I can isolate the pain to those foods - then I am to call him and we'll start checking out my gallbladder. Otherwise - we'll treat it like a kidney stone.

In terms of my ears, I'm going to finish the antibiotics that I got last Monday and if things haven't cleared up by the time I'm through with them - then I'm going to go see an ear nose and throat specialist.

I do at least have some peace of mind that my regular doctor (that I trust completely!) thinks that this is the best course to get things back on track... so I'll rest a little easier now. Just don't sneak up on me because I still can't hear a darn thing!

On the job front - a little good news... or at least promising news. I've probably said before that a wonderful lady from our old church is a principal at an elementary school in our area... and she's the one that allowed me to come in last spring and observe some of the classes in her school. Well, I hadn't talked (emailed) with her since I observed so I thought it might be a good time to just check in and see how she's doing. She emailed back that she'll be out of the office until late July... but that I should email her back then. (What date do ya'll think that would be? 17th? 20th? later?) I really hope that when we get in contact again that there is an interview for an opening at her school... because my impatience is getting the best of me!

In an act to beat this fatigue and sickness that is still holding on - I gave my dogs baths and one of them a haircut today... and shaving a 70 pound dog can be a chore... I wanted desperately to give up about 1/4 of the way into the haircut, but I didn't think she'd look good with just her back done... so I stuck with it, and finished. I've been exhausted ever since though - so I'm ready for bed at 7:30... hopefully I can hold out at least another hour and a half so that I can go to bed at a more respectable hour. (even though I have friends that wouldn't think 9 is respectable... try getting up at 5!!)