Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This too Shall Pass

Or Lord - I hope so!! Well, in addition to my ears/crud that has been ongoing now for about 10 days... we had some new mess start up last night. Let me start by telling a funny story...

I guess at about 4 this morning I woke up to go use the restroom, and John must have not known that I'd gotten out of bed. Well, a few minutes later he came in the bathroom, and of course - we all know that I can't hear a thing... well I'm minding my own business and all of a sudden I hear him scream my name... he was trying to get my attention and I hadn't even noticed he was there! It scared the mud out of me...

We both went back to bed, but I started noticing a sharp pain in my lower right back... I thought at first that I had slept on it wrong and tried to stretch and see if it would go away. No luck... so I layed there for a little longer, and the pain wouldn't stop... then as the pain intensified - I got nauseated... and when the nausea hit - I got the cold sweats. The kind that in a matter of 10 seconds - I was covered head to toe in sweat... I layed on the bathroom floor for a little bit and waited for the moment to pass.

I then went and woke up John, and started getting ready to go to the hospital... another round of pain, nausea and sweats slowed us down a little, but by 4:30 we were headed out the door to the hospital.

Of course nothing in an ER is quick... so it took us some time to get all the paperwork filled out, and then two people to get my IV hooked up... I have tiny veins, and apparently have gotten somewhat dehydrated over the course of the time I've been on all these antibiotics... so they finally got it hooked up in my left wrist... OUCH!! (it was horrible...John had to hold my hand because it hurt so bad)

They did all their tests, gave me some good drugs and a bag of fluid... and now I'm home waiting for a kidney stone to pass! Unbelievable!! My friend, Sarah, has had this problem 3 different times and suggested that on top of the pain meds, and additional antibiotics - that I take something called Slippery Elm... it's an herb that will coat the linings of my insides and help make it easier for the stone to pass, and sometimes helps to the point that you don't feel it pass. (Boy - that would be nice... because the thought of giving birth to a kidney stone isn't a pleasant one!)

So, here I sit - well - I'm exhausted so I'm about to fall over... but here I am with two ear infections, and a kidney stone... seriously? Does it get any better?!


  1. Can you hear me now?
    Love the title....pass...kidney stone.....funny stuff. Not the pain you are going though.....just the title. Loving on you today.

  2. Holy crap, girl! Chris has had kidney stones and he says they are awful pain and I have sat with him in the hospital with them while they manage his pain. So sorry you are dealing with this too! We have got to get you on the mend! I'll say an extra prayer for you tonight!

  3. Holy moly! Seriously Kim, way to just go ahead and get it ALL taken care of at once! :)

  4. oh you poor poor little thing. *huggles.

    I hope that this all gets over with VERY quickly and you go back to being healthy and strong...

    boo on all this!


  5. Girl, you need to call Dr. W. That is exactly where my pain was for my Gallbladder. The only thing that will show GB failure is a HIDAScan. Ironically the ER thought I had a kidney stone too. GB pain doesn't always present in the front like most people. Take notice that the pain comes and goes after eating fatty foods.

    Not saying that your GB is failing, but you should have a second opinion.


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