Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finding Energy

I'm still doing the best I can to get over this crud that has taken over my life. I talked to a friend of mine last night - who happens to teach deaf children - and found out more about the bell curve test and what it means... apparently - when you do the test and your reading shows a bell curve (like normal) it would indicate that here is not fluid around your ear drum. Mine printed in a flat line - so that indicates that I do have fluid around mine right now which indicates that I have an infection. So, basically this leaves me with my trusty penicillin... and we're getting along just fine. It hasn't made any huge strides in making me better yet, but I'm still having faith that the old trusty drugs made from mold will do the trick.

John and the worship team are having their weekly practice at our house tonight - so I'm doing everything I can to find the energy to get my house picked up, dinner cooked, and cookies baked before they meet at 7:30. Sick or not, I'll be darned if they're coming over here and me not have a special treat ready... so I made some lemonade earlier that is chilling in the fridge, and my plan is to get dinner made and cleaned up so that I can disappear into my bedroom before they show up.

A dear friend of ours got laid off today - he was working in the gas industry which I find puzzling, but he didn't work for any of the big boys. His company serviced smaller "Mom & Pop" type places that weren't paying their bills regularly. So we're praying for a job for him, as well as one for me... and that we'll all come through this in a better situation than before.

I'm off to finish my cleaning and baking before John gets home for dinner. Have a great night everyone!


  1. This stuff does like to hang on!
    What medication were you on before this one? Was it that stupid Z-pack??

  2. I cannot believe you're baking cookies! I could NOT do that without eating them. No way, no how!


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