Monday, June 23, 2008

What did you say?

Well, another trip to the doctors office to confirm what I've been telling you guys for days now... I can't hear, and I feel like crud. My regular doctor is out of the office this week - so I had to see his Dad today. The experience was very similar though, and I was happy with him... but they tested my ears with two different machines - 1) told them that I have significant hearing loss in both ears right now and 2) told them that my ear drums aren't responding to sound. The second machine was the most puzzling to me - it was sort of like an EKG machine where it prints out the readings right as they are testing... and it is supposed to print in a bell shaped curve, but on both of my ears it was a flat line... Does that mean my ears are dead?

John says that I should have asked him what it meant, but I couldn't hear him much anyway - so I didn't see much point. I'm now on my second round of antibiotics, and hopefully this will do the trick...

Two other things happened while I was there - 1) the nurse doesn't know my name... now don't get me wrong - she knows exactly who I am, but she always calls me Mrs. Hopkins... and after letting it go on for a year... I guess it's to late to say anything. John wants me to tell her it's Hawk like a bird not Hop like a bunny...

The other thing was that my blood pressure was really high... now I'd understand it if on the first reading it was like that, but they try to hook me up to this machine at first that is to take your reading 5 times and give them an average of those numbers. It never works on me though - it always ends up giving an error at least 4 of the 5 times - so then they take it manually. I don't know about you guys, but the more times they take it - the more anxious I get - and the higher the numbers. I don't honestly believe that the number was 160/120... I can feel when my blood pressure gets high now, and I'd have a serious headache and dizziness if it were truly that high. Not to mention that I'm taking the medicine that I'm supposed to - so I think it was a fluke of me not feeling well, and it being taken 6 times in a short amount of time. I'm not going to panic... I'll check it at home tomorrow and see what happens.

Lastly, I somehow lost 3 pounds between last Wednesday and now... of course it was a different scale, but I told my nurse that we need to steal that scale while Dr. W is out of town and put it in the room that I'm normally in... I liked its results better!! HA!

So, here I am in day 8 of this mess... $85 in prescriptions, and $30 in doctors visits... and I still feel lousy... I really wish that we would have tried the $10 penicillin that I'm on now before we went to the $45 one dose antibiotic from last week that didn't do squat! The $30 cough medicine with codeine in it is working great though and it helps me sleep... so at least that one was worth the cost!

Finally - I am getting SO bored! If I don't start getting better soon - I'm going to have cabin fever to the point of hurting someone!! I miss living in the world... where I can entertain myself with Target, Hobby Lobby, or just about anywhere outside of my living room/bedroom!


  1. Wow Kim, I really hope you get this mess cleared up this time. I still have the aftermath of mine going on too,but I feel pretty good. My doc used to give me that three day antibiotic and then I started refusing it because it didn't work. I would start to feel better and then my illness would start all over again. No thank you!

  2. Kim, I can't believe you're still dealing with this! This is like the cold that never ends!!

    But, of course, it will end... I'm praying for TODAY!


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