Saturday, July 12, 2008

Celebrating 35

We spent the day today with John's family... and it's always such a trip! We swung by John's sister, Susan's, house to show her the car - and ended up getting Susan and Brooklyn to follow us to their parent's house for breakfast. We always have such lively conversations while we're there as a group - and today was no different!

After breakfast - we mainly ended up spending the entire day sitting in the living room talking about all sorts of topics. A lot of discussion about my job situation - and John's Dad told me about a bible story where his interpretation is that basically - I should call the HR office of the school districts every day until they hire me to get me to stop calling. If only it worked that way! HA!

We left their house this evening having discussed everything big enough to discuss, and having a very lovely but uneventful day. I was planning on taking some pictures of the car while it was out in the country - (a more scenic view) but John's parents' dog had some injury issues, and I couldn't bear to be outside long enough to even look at him. I don't know exactly what's wrong with him, but John told me not to look and I know better than to go against that advice being as tender hearted as I am with animals. John and everyone except his Dad swear something is wrong with him, but his Dad doesn't think anything is wrong... so I'm choosing to believe that his Dad is right, even though I know better than that.

I am such an animal lover though - it just makes me want to run to my house and hug my babies. In that same light - the other Kim sent me a link that I think everyone should go to everyday: FreeKibble - there is also a link there to help kitties too, but basically I haven't looked through the site completely, but so far - I answered the daily question and got 20 pieces of kibble sent to homeless dogs. For those keeping score - I did the same on the kitty site too. :-) Gotta do what I can - and with no job - this is about all I can swing right now.

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  1. I've been hitting that freekibble thing everyday too and want to figure out a way to put a link up on my blog!

    I'm the same way with animals, Kim! Hate to see them sick or hurting! It just breaks my heart because they depend on us to take care of them.


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