Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

This has been a marathon day today - we started off with church of course, and we definitely had more kids this week in the nursery. I ended up being with the babies instead of the toddlers this week, but I got to play with a friend's baby, Charlotte, and had a wonderful time. Next week I'll be back with the toddlers, and I'll get to play with another friend's daughter, Lucy.

After church - we went out to lunch with the young adults group from church... it's a mix of a bunch of us at different stages of our young lives - from college to married without kiddos yet and everything in between. We had a lovely time and had some great Italian food in the process.

We came home and rested for a couple of hours, and got some laundry done... but from there we went to our new small group meeting. There were 5 couples there tonight and it was wonderful. We had a great time, a lovely dinner, and a nice short Bible study as well. I am really excited about our new small group - I think we're going to enjoy getting to know these couples in the coming weeks.

As I get ready for bed, and my tests at the hospital in the morning - I'll leave you with some photos of John's birthday celebration and the new car!