Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good-Bye Old Friend

Well, today ended much differently than I had ever anticipated. We bought a new car... which is both fun and sad to me... because I absolutely loved my Expedition! The thing about it was though - when I bought it - things were so different. Gas was sooooo much cheaper, and it wasn't an unreasonable purchase in 2005.

Somehow in three years, our world has changed drastically - meaning that it's no longer affordable to drive my beloved tank of a gas-guzzler. With my job situation in the air, and even just regular driving around in a big city... with family all at least an hour away... we really needed something we could go on with life and not worry as much about gas.

We'd considered various options over the last few months, starting with the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Camry, Mercury Milan, Ford Fusion, and finally - we settled on the Ford Taurus. Now, I initially thought I was going to hate it because of the past body styles and things that I perceive about "grandmother type" cars... honestly - they have updated the style quite a bit, and it looks a little more like a BMW or Mercedes to me now.

It's really nice, with the Microsoft Sync stuff where I can just tell my car (vocally) to "call home" and it will do it... or plug in my IPod, and tell it to "play artist Garth Brooks" then it'll pick those songs out of my play list and hook me up! How neat is that?!

I don't actually have my car at home tonight - we had to get them to transfer the car from another part of the state, but I'll have it on Monday and I'll post some pictures when I can. We got a great deal on the car, $4,000 cash back, and an incredible deal on the extended warranty - because we're repeat customers to the dealership... this is our fourth car from them.

Anyway - that's how my day ended... so I'm sure tomorrow I will be hit with a little bit of a "what in the heck did I do?!" not unlike my questioning myself right after having weight loss surgery... but I have no doubt that I'll land in the same place - no regrets at all about the decisions made.


  1. I'm driving an Explorer Sport Track and I tell you... gas is KILLING me. I get like 15 mpg, and I lived like an HOUR from my job, so I'm spending $80 every 3-4 days on gas. It's insane. I'm probably not far behind you in deciding on a new car.

    I can't wait to see the pictures... I don't think I've seen a Taurus in a long time, so I'm excited to see what this model looks like!

  2. It must be the season for new cars! Looks like Meg is next!


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