Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It's so funny the things that other people notice during the process of losing weight... things that you don't even notice yourself. For example, I was getting dressed to go to the library today. I looked over and caught a glimpse of John looking at me strangely...

I naturally just said, "what?"
He said, "I can see where you're losing weight."
I said, "Oh, really?"
He said, "Yeah, I can see your belly button."
I said, "Is that different?"
He said, "Well, it used to not show."

So there you have it, apparently the roll that used to cover my belly button is gone. Something only a husband would notice, I would think... but a good thing, none the less.

The rest of the day has been uneventful, but I did realize that I'm a huge dork! Things that I used to hide as a kid, but I absolutely LOVE (and I mean unhealthy love...) school supplies and those plastic covers that they put over library books. People - I seriously get some sort of giddy feeling when I hear the crinkle of a new pack of pencils or a library book opening... tell me that I'm not destined to be a teacher?!

I spent a good hour or so at the library this morning, and it took me a little while to figure the place out since it's been a good 10-15 years since I've hit one. There aren't any card catalogs anymore... which is sort of cool and sad at the same time... I mean how many days of my life were wasted in elementary school learning about the card catalog? You basically use the computers that are in the building for every one's use to look up books, use the internet, write a paper, or whatever else you might want to do at the library.

The nifty thing that I found though was that there are like 25 branch locations of my local library, and when you look up the books - you can put a hold on a book where they will pull it when it is checked in at any of the facilities, send it to the location you want, and hold it for you to come in and check out. How cool is that?! It's about all I've got because none of the books I really wanted where there for me today - so I've got them on holds so that I can pick them up when they come back. (Hopefully in time for my girls trip weekend with my sisters and step-mom.)

I've made Rice Krispie treats for John and the band for tonight, and I'll set them up with some iced tea too... that ought to be good enough. I'll curl up with a book while they play their music, and everyone will be happy. You know - it's really fun to make special treats for people from our church because they are so appreciative. (maybe it's most church going people?) I've not had to much experience entertaining or holding meetings for church folks in the past... I guess it's another way that my weight loss has changed me for the better - I'm much more accommodating to having people over. ANYWAY, I was in my bedroom the whole time they were here last week, and they all told me on Sunday how much they appreciated the cookies I made last week for them. It was really sweet that they remembered and thought enough about it to make a point to thank me in person. (I somehow doubt that if I made cookies or anything for the people at my old office, or my future students - that they'd feel the need to thank me.)


  1. I love school supplies too!! At the end of every summer, I have to buy new pencils, pens, and paper whether I'm going back to school or not!

    And books... oh yeah! I LOVE the smell of a brand new book!

  2. Hello.

    I just wanted to say HI as I found your blog today.

    I'm a teacher and I LOVE School supplies. :)


  3. Hey Kim,
    I loved this cracked me up. I can relate. When I was in second grade I was such a great organizer that my second grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Eugene, would allow me to organize her school supply closet...I was in complete school supply heaven. I especially loved making my book covers out of brown paper bags every year and organizing my new things into my school bag...I feel it too!

  4. I love office supply stores...the Brit actually gets nervous when he takes me in one!


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