Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gourmet Hubby

So, what's the best thing about leaving your husband to his own devices for a 4 day girls trip?! When he gets really bored, he starts looking for new recipes on Food Network's website.

Last night we tried an Asian feast that consisted of Sweet & Sour Pork Chops, and Fried Rice. We did change up the fried rice recipe a little - we left out the ham, ginger, and corn - and added some soy sauce. The meal was amazing!!

Tonight we're testing out Caribbean Chicken... which has been marinating since 6 this morning... so after we eat - I'll update on how successful the meal was. The chicken was fantastic... you guys should try it!! (All of it!!)

Here are the pork chops... They really were tasty...

Our fried rice, which there is plenty left in the fridge... I had some left over today, and it was great... maybe would be wonderful if you added some chicken for a little higher protein count.

John wanted me to wait until he got the food "plated up" before I took the picture... so this was my plate, but I didn't finish it. The food was yummy...


  1. I absolutely <3 loooooooove fried rice. Especially with brown rice :-D. Unfortunately, it is not one of the things I have mastered cooking yet. Mine is usually pretty gross.


  2. The meals look gorgeous and yummy! Can you guys come cook for me??? ;)

  3. now let me wipe the drool off my keyboard...


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