Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ready to Go

I've been doing laundry and getting things ready before I go to the hospital in the morning. I wanted to get as much done as possible so that John could relax while he's here taking care of me... we've got meals coming from our wonderful church family for the next couple of days - so all he'll have to do is warm it up for me and make sure that I get my medicines on time.

Renee (guest blogger) has made the first of the meals for us, and took it to John while he's at Worship Team practice tonight - so I can't wait to try that - I'm sure that it'll be healthy and yummy at the same time!

I've had to wash my sheets today, which isn't a big deal - but the hospital has a strict new regimen that I have to follow before surgery to prevent infection. For those of you that might not know (I only know because of my last job and the funding issues that would have come from the new program) as of a certain date... I think it's in early 2009... Medicare is no longer going to pay for any hospital care for patients that get infections while in the hospital. Now, before you react like I did... it doesn't mean that they will bill the patient for it... it means that the hospital has to eat the costs themselves.

It's an incentive for them to make sure that they are following proper protocols and cleanliness guidelines... so if a nurse comes in and doesn't wash her hands.... or maintenance comes in and cleans the room incorrectly... the hospital has to deal with those issues - in the hope to try to cut down on staph infections and the like. I think it's a great program... and I love the fact that they are putting the blame and costs back on the hospitals. The only down side is that I know (from experience) that the hospital systems will take it out on those employees without really figuring out the situation. ANYWAY...

They gave me a bottle of a soap solution that I have to shower with tonight and scrub my tummy for 3 minutes... then make sure to put on clean clothes, no deodorants or perfumes or powders... and then sleep on clean sheets. In the morning I have to take another shower using the rest of the solution and wash for another 3 minutes on my stomach. Again with the clean clothes, and from there they think that will help keep me from getting infections.

They are taking the position that most infections are caused by bacteria on our own bodies... I highly doubt that, but I guess it couldn't hurt to make sure that things are sterile while operating... So I plan on starting that ritual tonight before bed... and then we head to the hospital by 8:30 in the morning to express check in, and my surgery is supposed to be at 10:30.

I'm going to make sure that John blogs for me tomorrow when we get home so that everyone will know how things are going. I expect that I'll be pretty groggy... and I have no clue what time we'll be able to get home... I have to pass through a process of recovery, alertness, pain management, and finally be able to keep fluids down before I am released to come back home.

I'll see you guys on the flip side!!


  1. Wow, I had no idea things were so strict now.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from John on how everything is going. We'll be praying for you and the med. staff :)

    I hope you enjoy your meal, it's good (I made some for Lucy and I for dinner too), but a teeny, tiny bit spicy. I didn't do that on purpose :(.


  2. Good thing that the hospitals are getting stricter. My mom just lost her kidney over a horrible staph (MRSA) infection that she most probably got in the hospital in Nov. (This situation was of course complicated by her cancer) She still has it in her urine and is on constant antibiotics to get rid of it. Her health issues are very complicated so do not let this post worry you. You are a healthy young woman and I know God is holding you tight in his hands all the way through surgery and beyond. I will pray that all goes well with your surgery tomorrow.

  3. I'll be thinking of you this morning. I know all will go well.

    Ironically, Dr. N., who did my RNY, made me take the same pre-op protocols!

    Extra measures mean for better recovery. :)

  4. Praying all goes well for you in your surgery. xoxo...jil

  5. Praying that all goes well and that you recover quickly!

  6. We are praying for a speedy recovery and a sterile environment. No wonder people are afraid to go to the Dr and to hospitals, too many infections.
    Good luck!

  7. I had to follow the same protocol for my RNY in January, and Lee had to do the same thing for his hernia repair in Feb. He loved that nasty soap!

  8. I think that medicare is doing what all insurance companies should be doing. This hit close to home with my friend dying last weekend after getting infection after infection in the hospital. Yes, it was probably partially because her immune system was weakened, but still...we are hearing more and more about hospital infections and the hospitals have to step up to the plate!


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