Friday, July 25, 2008

Guest Blogger - Kim J.

Hi! This is Kim (aka "the other" Kim) from Knitten Kittens, guest blogging for Kim while she is enjoying herself on a girl’s weekend. She more than deserves it, with all that has been going on in her life from job interviews to gallbladders!

I love the thought of a girl’s weekend and it is something I should really plan one day. Oh, I have girl’s days; my knitting friends and I get together from time to time, or my friend and co-worker, Paula and I will go to lunch. But a long weekend to just be with my girlfriends? That sounds like pure heaven.

I live with all men; a husband and two boys, which on many days is fun and fine, but guys just don’t get us like our girlfriends do. Oh, we’d never trade in our men, after all, who would fix stuff if we did (raise your hand if you are the one who fixes stuff regardless of living with men)? No, really, if we want to feel safe and protected, we need our guys (or at least our hubbys) and if we want to feel cherished and provided for, we need them as well. But the fact is that men and women are two completely different creatures.

My girlfriends are much less likely to hurt my feelings and they are way less likely to get annoyed with me if I ask them if they are okay, because if we are not okay, we so want to talk about it. Girls do not generally want to sit there and bottle in their feelings but often times because of the vast differences between men and women, I think we do just that, until we are within the safe circle of our girlfriends. Because we are ruled so much by our emotions, we understand each other completely. It’s okay if we are being irrational, moody, or completely hormonal; we understand each other.

We can empathize, sympathize and accessorize together with our gal pals. We can shop together, cook together and eat together without it having to be a meat and potatoes kind of meal, as chocolate is so one of the food groups. We can actually hold conversations with one another that last longer than the commercials do. Heck, we can even not turn on the television for a whole weekend!

I cherish those precious moments when I am with my female friends, like very few other extracurricular activities. There is an easiness that goes with spending time with them, a comfort and a peace that just invades all the empty little places in my heart. There are so few expectations with them; you come just as you are, much like we come to God, and they are there for us, just like He is. No preconceived notions, we can just be ourselves and they will meet us where we are, listen to us, offer us encouragement and then even listen to us rehash it all over again. Simple beauty.

Thank you, God, for our girlfriends.

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