Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Away

Hi everyone,

By the time this posts, I'll be half way through my girls weekend getaway. This is a trip that has been a long time coming - you see back on September 12, 2001 (yes the day after the terrorist attack) the first weekend of this kind was planned. Lynne (my step mom), Cathi (my sister), Cindy (my sister), and I were set to go to Chicago for a weekend.

Well, the terrorists had other ideas of what should be happening during that time in our nation's history... and by the time our trip was set to happen - the FAA hadn't even allowed airplanes back into the skies. So needless to say, the Chicago trip wasn't to be at that time.

So fast-forward to 2008, and we're giving it another shot... this time the destination is Knoxville, TN - for some rest and relaxation... now - the three other women going with me on this trip have children under the age of 13 - so they are in need of some time to recharge their batteries... and my reason is more to hang out with them, and have one last hurrah before going back to work.

My sisters and I have never been what you'd call close - none of us really grew up living together for various reasons... but mainly because my older sisters are 9 and 6 years older than I am... so you wouldn't say that they had common interests with me growing up.

The three of us are as different as you can get... but as we've gotten older - I think we've learned to embrace those differences and love them for what they are. We've gotten closer over the years, still not as close as we could or maybe should be... but who knows what'll happen over the course of 4 days in the mountains.

My prayer for the trip is that we enjoy ourselves, have a great time, recharge our batteries, and bond in ways that we've never been bonded before. I would absolutely love to come out of this trip with a newly bonded relationship with all three of these women - as time and circumstances has led us in different directions, and sometimes further apart.

All that being said - I know that we'd all be there if we needed each other, and we love each other... but being friends on top of being sisters bonded by a common father would be even better, right? (and let me just say that we have the BEST father in the world as our common thread!)

So, when I see ya'll on Monday for a new post - I'm sure I'll have stories and lots of pictures to share of our weekend!!

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  1. I hope you have better luck with yours than I have with some of mine lately!!


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