Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogs To Love

I thought that in my absence, I'd share with you some of my favorite blogs... in several categories:

My weight loss surgery friends:
  • Lacy is one of my lovely friends that has had weight loss surgery as well, we've gone through our journeys together... and she has been a great encouragement to me.
  • Meghan is another of my friends that has gone through this journey with me... she has been a great inspiration to me to get back to working out as soon as possible.
  • Kim is another friend that has gone through this process with me... and you already met her as she guest blogged for me on Friday.
  • Donna is a lovely friend that is in my hospital support group, and is so inspirational as she's a year ahead of me in this process - but is competing in the MS150, and triathlons.
  • Laurie is another lovely friend that is also in my hospital support group, and has been an encouragement to me along the way.
  • Jil is one more friend that is in my hospital group, and had the same surgeon that I did... she's really rocking the weight loss, as she just posted that she's lost 106 pounds in 3 months!

There are others in this category that I follow, but these 6 ladies are my favorites to read.

Other blogs that I love... (not in order of importance) - there are a couple missing from the list as they are private, and I can't share them with you. (Hi Jenn B., and Tasha!)

  • BigMama is a blog that I've just started reading, and I think it's hysterical... the writer is a great Christian woman that has a wonderful sense of humor...
  • BooMama is a friend of BigMama, and is similar - very entertaining Christian woman... please check these ladies out.
  • Allie is a friend of mine that I used to work with - she struggled with infertility, but overcame it with twins! Her blog is an entertaining adventure of the life with very cute, highly active twins.
  • Staci is a friend who also overcame her struggles to get pregnant by having twins. She and her husband used to go to our old church, but have since moved out of the country. Her twins are very entertaining as well... and SUPER cute!
  • Becca is one more infertility survivor with twins... her stories are very entertaining as well... and of course the kiddos are extremely cute!
  • Pam is another former co-worker that has an incredible way with words... I find her posts entertaining - she's just starting out at being a stay at home Mommy... which provides for some really funny stories.
  • Jenn is a friend from our former church, and has a very entertaining family - her daughter is the cutest red-head that I've ever seen.
  • Sarah is another friend from our former church. She and her husband have become two of our closest friends... and I absolutely LOVE their daughter... she's one of the sweetest babies I've ever known.
  • Dawn is yet another friend from our former church, and has a big family with lively kiddos. They just adopted a little girl from China which prompted her to start the blog - the stories from their trip were amazing to read.
  • Renee is a friend from our current church, and has been such a blessing in our lives... you got to meet her on Thursday when she guest blogged for me.

I love reading all these blogs, and hope that you'll check them out and give them some love...if you do - leave them some comments (and tell them that you found them through my blog).

I'll be back blogging live tomorrow - so see you all then!!


  1. Hope you had a great weekend, Kim! I look forward to hearing all about it!


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